Confessions of a Failed Anorexic

After nearly three years of work, my novel, Confessions of a Failed Anorexic is finally available! Here is the description as it reads on Amazon:...more

The Importance of 'We' Time


Review of America the Beautiful documentary and Contest to win a Limited Edition DVD of the film

One of the first questions Darryl Roberts asks in his documentary America the Beautiful is “Who benefits from women not feeling beautiful?” As the film spends the next 105 minutes trying to find the answers to that question, you witness the full impact of our obsession with beauty through tales of girls with eating disorders, plastic surgeries gone wrong, and the whirlwind modeling career of Gerren Taylor who did her first runway shows at the age of 12. ...more

Fat Talk Free Week Starts Monday, October 19

My butt is too big. I could never look good in that. I can’t stand looking at myself in the mirror. I’m so fat. I hate my body.What do all these statements have in common? They are all examples of toxic, self-hating fat talk. You may repeat these thoughts to yourself every day. You may have your own version of fat talk. You may not even realize you engage in fat talk because these conversations — with ourselves and with our friends — have become so much the norm in our culture that we don’t think twice about what we are saying....more

You know that moment when someone says: 'you look great' and your immediate ...more

Could the Tide Be Turning?

First there was the image of Lizzie Miller, sitting naked, belly resting on her lap, and looking confident in the pages of Glamour magazine. After a huge response with women crying for more “Lizzie Millers”, Glamour responded with a commitment to feature more of a variety of body shapes and sizes within the pages of their magazines. Then there was designer Mark Fast’s move to feature plus-sized models on the runway during London’s Fashion Week....more

What Do Your Kids Bring Out in You?

I love my kids dearly, but they have the unique ability to occasionally bring out the worst in me. When this happens, I feel like the worst parent and lowest person on the face of the earth. I know it’s not the end of the world to scream at your kids from time to time, but that doesn’t make me feel any better after I have done it, particularly if they just caught me at a bad time. I used to dwell on these moments, using them to define my abilities as a parent, leaving me feeling inadequate to say the least. ...more

Why I Support Health Care Reform

I don't normally use social networking as a voice for my political views, but I believe that health care reform should go beyond politics. ...more

My Letter to Glamour about "The Girl on p. 194"

Women everywhere have been going crazy over Glamour’s photo of “the girl on p. 194“. When I saw it for the first time, I had a flood of so many emotions as I saw a women, in a major women’s magazine, whose body more closely resembled mine. I mean, her stomach is actually resting on her lap! ...more

I stopped reading most women's magazines also, but I am part of a big communty on Twitter ...more

5 Things I Have Learned in My 30s

Getting older occasionally has its advantages. One thing we hope for is a little bit of wisdom here and there. I would never claim to be wise -- I'll leave that to the old bearded man sitting on top of the mountain -- but I do think I've learned a few things in my 30s. Each piece of wisdom I have gained was there for the taking earlier in life, but perhaps because of the phase of life I was in, I was unable to see it. As my wise father always says, "It's developmental." But maybe if I shed a little light on a few of my own secrets, I can help a few others ...more

I learned that looking at external things like keeping up with the Joneses never will make me ...more

My Body Is Like a Prius

No, I haven’t figured out the secret to making my body more “fuel” efficient with the same amount of fuel. I am speaking more of aesthetics. I am a car person and I notice cars — all cars. I can tell you the make and models of most popular cars on the road (except for the ones that are just arbitrary letters and numbers — those throw me off). I don’t know (or care) much about the engines, except to note how fuel efficient (or not) a particular car is. But I do notice the lines,  the details, the trends in design. ...more

"My body’s beauty comes from its uniqueness." Indeed!