Hello ...finally found my way here!

Hi all, I've had BlogHer on my reading list for ages and had no idea that it was an open community and group publishing site (duh). Yesterday I blogged something and came over to enquire about posting it here... I hope someone smiled while rolling their eyes at the mail I sent in. :) ...more

Thanks for the welcome and I extend the same to you. :)more

Bill of Rights - Whose Rights?

A proposed Bill of Rights for Users of the Social Web was posted this morning by Joseph Smarr on Open Social Web. Joseph's preamble states that it isn't carved in stone (the phrase is chiseled in granite), but is intended to spur conversation and debate.Do I have anything to contribute? On first reading, I'd say that the form and language tiptoe around rights which have already been abrogated by default, but at this moment I still have smoke coming out of my ears. This 'document' floored me. ...more