The Best Time To Start Your Laser Hair Removal Treament Is Right Now

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ideal Image. All opinions are 100% mine. By now, I know that you (and the world) know that I’m receiving laser treatments for my bikini area ....more

About My Very First Thong

Do you remember your very first thong? I remember mine very clearly. I don’t remember where I bought it from, but it was purple, and it was made of lace ....more

Being Nigerian: The Sex Tape Edition

Do you watch Scandal? This episode is inspired by Scandal. Well, during the episode, Like Father, Like Daughter (Season 4, Episode 4), the President’s daughter, Karen filmed a sex tape with two boys ....more

Conversations With An American Boy: About The Kidnaps In Nigeria

Living in a foreign land can be very very confusing....more

If You Were Beyonce, Would You Meet Your Half-Siblings?

Beyonce’s dad has done it again. Another woman has come forward to tell the world that she, too, has a baby with Beyonce’s dad, Matthew Knowles, and the baby was conceived while he was still married to Beyonce’s mom. This time, it’s TaQoya Branscomb, a 30 year old “lingerie model” (for a vintage line that will be released in 2015) and a Realtor (who was once arrested for prostitution ....more

What Else Does Ideal Image Hair Removal Do?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Ideal Image. All opinions are 100% mine. A lot! ...more

I Refuse To Tip For Bad Service

It was only when I came to America that I knew about by-force tipping. In Nigeria, I remember my parents tipping, but it was more something that was expected from supposed “Big Men” and “Big Women,” not just from everyone. Sometimes, they (the people giving the service) would stylishly ask for a tip, like they’d say something like, “Oga, anything for me?” But in America, when you go to a restaurant, you’re expected to tip ....more

The Case Of The Missing Vaseline

First of all, if you’re not Nigerian (or not African), then let me explain that yes, I know that what I am blogging about is called petroleum jelly and Vaseline is actually the brand, but as a Nigerian, I [we] call it Vaseline. Ehen, so I know I have mentioned somewhere on this blog about my obsession with glossing my lips (which is why I wake up in the morning with shiny lips). Whether it’s lip balm, or lip gloss, or just good ol’ “Vaseline,” what matters is that my lips aren’t chapped ....more

Ladies, Let’s Talk About Facial Hair

I know everyone has hair on their face – technically – but there are levels to the hair, and I’m not talking about facial hair on men’s faces. You know, hair (on all parts of the body) is something that I blog about often, so this shouldn’t be new. Unwanted hair, unfortunately, is a thing ....more

Happy Birthday To The Love Of My Life, Igwe

It’s Igwe’s birthday. Woot, woot!!! I think I had a post in my head, but now that I’m sitting in front of the computer, I don’t know what to write ....more