Mojo’s Reindeer

Quick update on Mojo’s stocking situation. This weekend, while at the Greatest Store Of All Time, we found an adorable reindeer stocking holder that matched our bronze ones perfectly for half the price of the Pottery Barn ones. I was tickled pink and naturally wanted the reindeer to hold my own stocking, but finally felt that I would show my affection towards the cat by giving him the best stocking holder of the four. ...more

Kitty Ornament

Every year, I start drooling with glee when I pull my all-time favorite ornament out of the Christmas decorations Tupperware. When I was a baby, a lady that my parents knew made this felt kitty for me. When it started to age past year twenty, Mom would beg that I put the kitty towards the back of the tree to make room for some of the classier ornaments. But I would hear nothing of it. ...more

And Oh, There’s No Such Thing As Santa

I honestly don’t know how to go about telling the story of our Christmas tree. I am no Garrison Keillor, and to be honest, it takes someone as lewd as Himself to tell this kind of story. I’ll do my best in one paragraph. ...more