Yoga, Yoda and a Yoga Trapeze

I love yoga.  I love yoga.  I love yoga.  I almost typed "I love Yoda."  That's a totally different love, and a little weird, but one I will not deny.  I just want to put him in a baby sling and carry him around all day while he dispenses sage advice.  He might not appreciate being treated like an infant.  Maybe a piggyback is more his speed.  That post is for another day.Today, I'm feeling the love of yoga....more

Vegan Shamrock Shake

After seeing recipes for Shamrock Shakes all over Pinterest, I decided to try a healthier spin.  After all, I'm not getting any younger, or healthier, and pounds aren't as easy to shed as they once were.  I can't do anything about getting older, but I can do something to be healthier.Go away extra pounds!  You aren't welcome here....more
Looks great! You enticed me to order some green tea matcha powder, which I am told by the ...more

Cute Crochet Cupcake Dishcloth

While perusing the yarn aisle at my local craft store, I happened upon a free crochet pattern for a cupcake dishcloth. The sign said "Take One", so I did, because I always do what I'm told. Yep....more

A Charlotte Mason Approach to First Grade

Around this time every year, when our motivation for homeschooling begins to fizzle, I look back over the year to evaluate our success in our current homeschooling plan.  I look at the year, without any biases, to see what worked, what needs tweaking and what needs to be scrapped altogether....more

Island Coconut Loose Tea Blend

  Because it's cold outside and hot tea is the only thing right now that keeps me from going into total hibernation, I've been tinkering in the kitchen with some new loose tea blends. I stocked up with some organic herbs earlier in the year to help us live healthier and improve our overall well-being. Herbal tea soothes the soul, folks! Soul-soothing is what I need. Always....more

Gluten-free Crepes with Meyer Lemon Cream

No matter the question, the answer is always Meyer lemon.For example:Q:  What type of lemons are the most delicious?A:  Meyer lemonQ:  What is a good way to squeeze in some vitamin C today?...more

Peach Smoothie Yogurt Pops

Because I have a sweet tooth, because it's blazing hot in Texas, because my kids have sweet teeth (that sounds weird!) and because I had some peaches feeling sad and lonely in my freezer, I made these babies today! Oh my mama!  These are good! And easy.  And healthy.  Did I mention they are good? And easy.  Nevermind....more

For the love of Mai - Chicken Imperial Rolls

For some time now I’ve been thinking I should start a blog.  I have an inner monologue running through my head on any given day and I think I will feel a little less crazy if I can get it out of my head and share it with the world.  That’s my hope, anyway.  At the very least, my conversations with myself will be serving some purpose.  The delay in starting my blog stems from trying to figure out where to begin?  What do I want you all to know about me first?  Who am I?  Who am I….?  Moving along....more