My first time - making Baklava

So last week I tried my hand at the often formidable Ottoman origin sweet - Baklava. To be quite honest, I am no fan of syrupy sometimes tooth winching treat, but when my brother (who recently began working with a Turkish firm) came home raving about the "damn good Baklava" his boss brought over from a trip to Istanbul and asked me to make some to take to work and provided the recipe I took the plunge! The recipe was surprisingly easy, though it posed the main stumble in my passage to pastry....more

Money or Job Satisfaction? Which one would you choose?

People often say "if I only knew"... I can't say that because I knew, I was warned, I was informed. Yet 10 years after my aunt's reply of "...there's more than money, there's job satisfaction..." to my question of why her job was the first and last one she ever had (leading to be partner in a big law firm), I understand that yes, there is more than money there must be job satisfaction. Yet I couldn't resist the opportunity that joining a huge multi national corporation with double my salary and extra perk of being walking distance from my home earlier this year....more

A plane ticket, a bus ticket, a train ticket and a table – for one, please!

Two years ago around this time, my life seemed to overwhelm me. I was nearly always close to tears, mostly in a foul mood and for the first time ever wholly and totally tired of my city. I realized that all of these feelings were a culmination of the year gone by. Having ended a long term relationship after 4 years, I at 24 had done what everyone says you shouldn’t, I immediately jumped into another one. Rebound maybe, relationship definitely not....more

Where did all the friendship go?

I’ve recently come upon more than a few articles about ending friendships. Female friendships that is, that relationship between women of whatever age that is ideally supposed to last a lifetime. I mean doesn’t every woman hope for a cozy foursome a la Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda? Those who have such cliques are lucky and those that manage to keep them, luckier still. So if for so long we have been told about the joys, gratification and even the necessity of such friendships, why are we suddenly being told that sometimes its necessary to cut off what feels like your right arm?...more

Meanderings of a reluctant bridesmaid.

We are a trio of girls who've been friends since school.Over the years we have sometimes drifted apart, each finding her way in the new settings of where college and work took her. But in the last three years we have come to share a close if not closer friendship than we used to share back in school.  We are also in the dreaded "marriageable age" bracket. And it turns out both of my friends are keeping the promise we made over 10 years ago i.e. to make each other the bridesmaid at our weddings. Now 10 years ago that seemed ideal that however does not seem to ideal now....more

Unmarried but not necessarily carefree!

I've been thinking of blogging for so long now, it seems about time I begin. As my user name suggests this blog is going to be about the Truths I've learnt at 26. As an unmarried (but not unattached) professional living and working in India, I am at 26 years old ideal wife material. And all around me class mates  and best friends plan weddings and flount engagement rings. Well except for me that is. While marriage seems like a lovely idea, somehow it is not a pressing concern of mine. I do not envy my friends nor do I wish to be them....more