Pink on Monday

Happy Monday! When I start my week off wearing a pretty, feminine dress, I find myself more motivated to step it up a little the rest of the week. I will totally admit I wear my pregnancy uniform of skinny pants and a long dress shirt way too often, but starting the week off with a cute dress makes me want to wear them all week.This one from Ann Taylor is one of my favorite dresses of summer! ...more

Our Weekend...

Happy Sunday! ...more

Dots on Repeat

Well, there isn't much to say about this dress, other than that I love it. It made an appearance fairly recently...more

Stripes + Olive

It took me over an hour to get home today. Three traffic lights down and heavy rain with flooding made for a crazy rush hour. Thank God Howard Stern was interviewing Amy Schumer on his show today, because that interview made the commute more tolerable (and funny).It's a good thing I wore the comfiest top ever today for that long car ride ....more

Recent Hair Favorites

It's safe to say I'm completely obsessed with hair products. Because I only wash my hair/do blowouts twice a week (read about my washing/styling routine here), I need products that not only help me style my hair that first day, but that make that style last a few days until the next time I wash and style it....more

Our Weekend...

Happy Sunday! We had another blazing hot weekend here (serenity now!) but we found ways to enjoy the outdoors even though there was a ton of sweating involved.I forgot to mention this a couple of weeks ago, but I saw my hairdresser recently and got some highlights. My hair has been weird since I got pregnant--- it seems lighter in color at the roots and some areas of my crown have hairs with a strange, rough texture (plus baby hairs from postpartum hair loss womp, womp) ....more

The Endless Shirt

I know I say this all.the.time, but this outfit is my uniform. Anytime I want to look somewhat put together but don't want to wear a dress or skirt, a long fitted dress shirt and skinny pants are the answer. Always.Today was one of those days ....more

Minty Green Dress

I'm on a roll this week--- three days in a row documenting my daily outfits! Today I wore a new dress I ordered from Gap a couple of weeks ago. You can use the code SAVE right now to get 40% off of your purchase!I initially fell for the minty color but I also love the way it's cut and the high neckline ....more

The Perfect Black Dress (Pre & Post Baby!)

I think many women can confess that they own way too many black dresses. It makes sense- there are a ton of different styles and fabrics, the color is flattering and seasonless and black can work for many occasions (see what I did there with the justifications)? I purchased this dress from Banana Republic very early during my first pregnancy so that it could grow with me as time went on--- and this dress has definitely been a staple in my wardrobe ever since ....more

Recent Skin + Body Favorites

I'm long overdue for a "products I love" post. I like to use products for at least several weeks before reporting back on them, so I'm excited to share some new and tried and true favorites in today's post....more