Wednesdays in White

Thank you for all of your feedback on getting back to the DSLR photos! Kevin has been a champ dealing with taking these every morning while holding Harper on his hip, so if there's anyone to thank for no more mirror photos, it's him!I pretty much compulsively buy white dresses and this J.Crew bow-back dress from a couple of years ago is a favorite. I paired it with a navy blue cardigan (not shown) when I got to the office.The one thing that's tricky about this dress is that the fabric wrinkles like crazy ....more

Misty Mornings

If the weather forecast and temperature gauge in your car haven't convinced you that it's too hot outside, behold today's photos.I had to deepen the contrast in them in iPhoto because as you can imagine, the entire lens fogged right up in the morning humidity…and I didn't notice until after we took them. Sigh....more

Harper's One Year Photos!

The morning of our last day in Toronto (just a few hours before we headed to the airport to catch our flight),...more

Recent Purchases + Haul Video

After sharing my hair tutorial video recently on my YouTube channel, I got a lot of sweet notes and wonderful feedback about making more of an effort to keep my channel up. I promised to try and film one video per month so I shared some recent purchases today in a "haul video" (I still think that's a bit of a funny term, but it is what it is). You can watch the video, below, or simply check out the items in this post! ...more

Harper's Reads: Favorite Books for Toddlers

As a child and teen, I loved to read. Going to the library was one of my most favorite hobbies (serious...more

A (Pop) Of Yellow


I'd Rather Be in Scrubs...

Dressing for this office isn't always fun. There, I said it. Sometimes, I look at the doctors and nurses in their scrubs and I think to myself "yes." Yes to all of that.Yes to wearing the same, comfy thing everyday and not asking myself when the last time I wore that dress was or having moments where I come to the realization that I've worn the same pair of pants three days in a row.Yes to never wearing heels, ever, and instead having an awesome collection of brightly colored running shoes.I definitely feel a sense of burnout sometimes coming up with new outfits ....more

The Lightest Shirt

This blue shirt from Gap is so lightweight, it's about the only thing I could think to wear when I saw today's weather forecast. I know everyone hates when people talk about fall too early, but I'm craving days in the 70's. Dear sun, please calm it down.Unfortunately, this blouse is no longer available ....more

Hot Summer Days

A for effort? I've been doing outfit photos in my mirror for so long because it was quick and easy, but my goal is to get back to outdoor photos so they're better quality and shot in better light. We somehow got it together this morning and Kevin threw the DSLR around his neck and held Harper on his hip as he snapped a few shots of my outfit ....more

Our Weekend...

Happy Sunday! If you're checking in for the first time this weekend, you may notice that I once again changed up the colors a bit on my blog since implementing a new layout recently (I hope you like the two columns versus three…it feels a lot less cluttered to me!)It all started Friday when I was online purchasing a couple new Kendra Scott pieces (this and these). Suddenly I was obsessed with yellow ....more