Our Weekend...

On Friday night, my sweet in-laws stayed at the house after Harper went to sleep so Kevin and I could have a date night. We had a gift card from H-E-B to check out their in-store restaurant, Table 57...more

Hope & Faith

In April last year, two beautiful baby girls were born at the hospital where I work and since then, I have had the privilege to work with the Mata family to share their amazing and inspiring story.Their daughters...more

New Purchases + Toddler Style

Hello and happy Monday!...more

Our Weekend...

Today's weekend update will be short and sweet. I've been working a ton (evenings, weekends) and I haven't had much time to devote to the blog. Things will be slowing down (a little bit), so I should be back to a regular blogging schedule soon.Saturday was a pretty laid-back day ....more

StitchFix Review!

If you follow me on IG, you know Harper has come down with the flu. So we are all on Tamiflu now (us as a preventative measure since the flu shot is only about 1/4 effective this year) and hoping our little one gets better soon. Harper has never been this sick before and it was scary to see numbers on the thermometer we've never seen before ....more

DIY Valentines & Valentine Exchange

Happy (almost) Valentine's Day! Harper got lots of lovely Valentines in the mail this week via a fun little exchange we participated in with these lovely ladies and their kiddos! | ...more

Our Weekend...

Though this little one has teeth coming in like whoa right now, she was the absolute sweetest this weekend. We've been dealing with a lot of tantrums lately so it was nice to feel a little break from that.We like to pack our weekends with time outdoors, play dates with friends, eating out once or twice and other outings (kind of a weekend "formula," if you will). We also like to have time at home just relaxing, but if you have a toddler, you know that can drive everyone nuts so we prefer to be pretty active on weekends.We always start our mornings off with coffee for us…and Lulu snuggles for Harper ....more

Valentine's Day Gift Picks

I hope your week is off to a great start!...more

Valentine Fun!

I saw a lot of local photographers offering Valentine's Day mini-sessions, but given that they were 15 minutes long, it was bound to be a hit or miss…(probably miss, based on our last family photo session). Plus, you don't really need Valentine photos…but they sure are fun to have (pink, hearts and tutus, oh my!)So over the weekend, Harper's friend Cami came to our house and Amanda and I set up a little backdrop in Harper's nursery and it worked out great! Obviously these aren't on-par with professional photos, but I'm glad we took them and it was a nice addition to our play date ....more

Our Weekend...

How good was the half-time show with Katy Perry and Missy Elliot? Like about a hundred million others on the planet, we're watching the Super Bowl (and by watching, I really mean Kevin's watching and I'm watching the half-time show and the sad commercials). ...more