Our Trip to Atlantis- Paradise Island, Bahamas

I hope you had a fantastic weekend! We got back yesterday from a weeklong trip to the Bahamas and we had an amazing time--- now we're working on getting all of the laundry and stuff done around the house before we head into this shortened work week (yay for Thanksgiving turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes on Thursday!)I wanted to share some of my favorite snaps from our trip. All of these were taken with my iPhone and I have many more on my DSLR that I'm going through ....more

Fitness Update + Boden's New Activewear Line

Recently I was sent pieces to try out from Boden's new activewear line, so I figured now was a better time than ever to give an update on my fitness situation.Before now, I didn't work out for two years. Yep, two whole years. In my first trimester, my OB recommended that I slow down since I had been doing pretty intense workouts with a trainer ....more

Recent Purchases for Harper

I thought I'd share some of my most recent Harper purchases in this post. I love all of the plaid and tartan items that come out around the holidays. I also love a great fair isle and lace so these picks all reflect those loves.First off, I purchased these Native "Jefferson" shoes ....more

Fall Layering with Lucky Brand

Do you know why I love fall? ...more

Fall Layering with Lucky Brand

Do you know why I love fall? I mean, besides all of the fun and special holidays, pumpkin patches, pumpkin-spice lattes and leaves candles? Layering. I love to layer, but let's be honest, that's not a year-round option here in Houston. So when the temperatures dip enough to wear a shirt, sweater AND scarf… well, sign me up!...more

Sweater + Dress

I can't recall if I've ever done this before, but I wore a dress as a skirt today. I always liked it when I saw other bloggers do this because you can really showcase the piece's versatility.We had a cold front coming in, so I wanted to wear a fuller skirt with boots and tights. This dress is sleeveless though, and that wouldn't cut it ....more


Happy Monday--- I hope your week is off to a great start! I feel like I always talk about the weather in my blog posts and that's largely because checking the daily forecast largely determines what I wear every day--- especially when the temperatures fluctuate so much throughout the day like they do in Houston.It started off kind of chilly this morning so I took advantage and wore one of my new blanket scarves from BrinaBox. This one is called the double time blanket scarf--- it has a gorgeous tartan print on one side and a herringbone on the other ....more

New Tory Buch Bag + DivideAndConquer Bag Organizer

When I purchased my Louis Vuitton Neverfull bag over two years ago, I remember scouring forums to find a solution to give my bag more structure and to reinforce the base so it wouldn't get that saggy look you see in a lot of LV bags....more

Our Weekend...

Happy Sunday! I hope you had a great weekend. Ours started with a major main-floor de-clutter session Friday night ....more

Dots + Gingham

It's Thursday and I couldn't be happier that we're just one day away from the weekend. My goal this weekend is to get stuff done around the house. Our guest room has turned into a glorified storage closet and our kitchen island and dining table seem to be a catch-all for just about everything....more