Harper's Second Birthday Party: Let's Flamingle!

We had such a blast celebrating Harper's second birthday with family and friends over the weekend. We had 10 kiddos plus parents and it was a full house with lots of play, celebration and cupcakes.I didn't hire a photographer this year and I didn't want to spend the party taking photos, so most of the shots I took were before the party got started when everything was set up and untouched (which is ideal since the aftermath certainly isn't as lovely--- but a messy house meant the party was a success!)I truly love planning Harper's party each year--- getting creative and bringing a vision to life is so fun. But truth be told, I was not on the ball this year and didn't start planning until a few weeks out ....more

Our Weekend...

Happy Sunday! We had such an amazing weekend--- my mom came into town from Toronto and we celebrated Harper's second birthday and my 32nd!My mom flew in Friday and I took the day off to spend with her and Harper and to run last-minute errands for the party. We went to the Disney Store on Friday to buy Harper her beloved Kristoff doll she talked about all month, and she said "no!" and picked Minnie Mouse instead ....more

A White Dress for Summer

You could say I have a thing for white dresses. I usually can't resist adding more to my closet, especially in the summer when they'll get a ton of wear both to the office and on weekends.This one was 40% off at Gap recently and I love the simple siloutte and tie waist. I ordered this one in a 4 tall and it fits great (for now, haha) ....more

Lace Trim Dress

Navy, white and lace trim…of course this dress had to be mine! I purchased this a few weeks ago for 40% off and it's on sale right now too!I've been on a total dress-buying kick since I got pregnant. I'm going to be pregnant throughout the hot and humid summer (ugh, I know) so I wanted to get some new dresses that left a little room to grow and that would also keep me cool.I was nearly 19 weeks pregant when this photo was taken and I will definitely get another month or two of wear out of this before I retire it for post-baby wear ....more

Happy (Second) Birthday Harper Reese!

Last night, while doing our bedtime routine I snuggled Harper close and rocked her in her glider (which I rarely do nowadays) just hanging on to that last moment she would still be one. Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones and maybe it's just that they grow up so darn fast, but my goodness these past two years have been amazing watching my sweet girl grow and become her own little person.I know I haven't done an update in ages…but Harper has changed so much over the last 6 months or so. We have full on conversations ....more

Striped Halter Dress

When I saw this linen striped dress on Old Navy's website a couple of weeks ago, I knew it would be a perfect weekend and work piece for the summer. It's also 35% off right now using code PERFECT (through 5/27)!It is super loose-fitting (I actually wish I had gone down to a S tall instead of M tall), but I love that it's loose and airy. The halter neckline is also fun and different ....more

Our Weekend...

Happy Memorial Day and thank you to all of the amazing women and men who have served or are currently serving our country so that we can have the freedoms we do. We had a totally laid back weekend which was perfect since my mom is coming into town this week, Harper's second birthday is on Wednesday (maybe I'm a little...more

Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale: Accessories Picks

Norstrom's Half Yearly Sale is finally on and today I'm sharing my favorite accessories picks! ...more

Simple White Dress

This dress has been in my closet since last Spring and I find myself drawn to it as soon as the hot and humid temperatures hit Houston. It's so light and airy and most of all, comfortable. I will say it's not the most ideal dress to wear on a super windy day, but it's perfect for those super hot and sticky spring/summer days ....more

A Spotted Dress

Last Friday, I wore this new dress to work and I absolutely adore it! LOFT has been carrying some amazing dresses lately and this is definitely one of them!I ended up pairing it with a navy blazer, Kendra Scott earrings and a rose gold bar necklace from Bip & Bop shop. The outfit wasn't complete without nude sandals--- my current favorites!I'm also rocking a 17-week bump here, but as you can see, this dress is totally accomodating to that ....more