Why I Wore My Swimsuit this Summer for the Sake of My Family

Recently I came across a blog post on Facebook were a mom wrote about putting on her swimsuit, pushing aside her insecurities, coming out from under the sun umbrella, and taking off the coverup to… get this… ENJOY playing with her children in the water! So simple, yet something many of us, myself included don't do. ...more
Good job. Your kids will remember you played with them. They won't remember anything else.more

Depression, Anxiety and Panic Attacks: This SH¡T is for Real! (VIDEO)

*Post written in May 2014*I was in San Francisco this week for a the PBS Kids Annual Meeting as one of their VIP (Very Involved Parent) Ambassadors. This was the FIRST time I was able to travel to any event/conference and I was excited for a few days away. I’ve been dealing with depression since my daughter was born in January 2013 (on medication) and more recently began having severe anxiety and panic attacks....more

Bilingual at three? ¡Si, señor!

"¡Mira mami! Look!" I yell out as we walked along the gravel path near grandma and grandpa's house. "¿Qué mi lindo? ¿qué es?" She says as she stops walking and looks over to where I am standing. "Mira, arriba. Es un butterfly...mariposa" I say watching it float away to rest on a leaf. ...more

Quality time = BEST TIME!

Oh SNAP! This has got to be one of my favourite pictures from this past week.  After being indoors for a few days and not getting out much, we took a looooooong walk in woods to get some fresh air....more