Jedediah shorts

As summer is approaching, I’m reminded that my husband has been asking for a new pair of cropped pants since… several summers ago. His favorite pair were made four years ago, and were actually muslin for his jeans so it’s about time for a new pair. Instead of using his much-tweaked jeans pattern, this time I’m using Jedediah pants pattern from Thread Theory, I got it as a part of Parkland Wardrobe Builder package that I bought sometime ago ....more

Slip dress and panties

I like to wear a slip...more

Burdastyle Wide Sleeve Lapel Jacket

This is my favorite jacket in the last couple of months. You have probably seen me wearing it to Sidra’s elementary school graduation here. The pattern is...more

Junior high school boy!

Junior high school boy! Sidra has started junior high school this week! Yesterday was the entrance ceremony at his school ....more

Graduation suit!

Here’s Sidra in his new...more

Elementary graduation suit: in progress

Sidra is graduating from elementary school this week! It seemed that not a long time ago he was entering first grade. Time flies so fast ....more

Culottes and tops

I haven’t sewed for quite a while because it was too cold so I’m happy that it is now getting warmer everyday!...more

Saboten the chihuahua

Saboten the chihuahua After Shake the dachshund...more

Denim repairs

Apparently not much sewing done in the past couple of weeks....more