Review: A Sewist’s Notebook

Sometimes you need to look back to a project and check what alterations that you have made or...more

Black and maroon bra

I was cleaning my sewing room when I found some...more

Red knit dress

I’ve been wanting to have a simple and comfortable knit dress for daily wear. It is not very easy to find the right fabric, medium weight fabric that is not too thick nor too thin. So when I spotted this red double jersey in the fabric store, I snatched it rightaway ....more

Hooded cowl neck dress


Book review: Stylish Remakes

Stylish Remakes I don’t use many Japanese sewing books now, but they have always been special to me. Mainly because the first time I learned sewing was through Japanese sewing books and magazines. The minimalist photos and layouts are one of the characteristics of these books ....more

Black strappy bra

I got intrigued by all those...more

Pattern testing: Desmond Backpack

Taylortailor is one of my favorite sewing blog. I love how much thought and details are shown in each project that Taylor has made....more

Neon yellow set

I’ve been playing around with this neon stretch lace fabric that I got sometime ago. The fabric is very stretchy and transparent. For the first set, the pattern is Merckwaerdigh BHB40 ....more

Summer date dress

Since Sidra entered Junior High School, he becomes very busy with all the school activities. He even has to be at school on weekends for his sports club activity. My husband and I got a bit lost on what to do as the three of us usually did things together on weekends ....more

Soma swimsuit

I made a swimsuit!...more