Cream Puffs will be in the near future...

Here we go again...I officially got the positive sign (so excited!). My dear daughter will be a big sister next year! But...I'm still working full-time with her in daycare, husband on disablity and going to school.  Life is hectic, yet full.  Now I have to clean up the spare room and learn to make cream puffs :)...more

Is It Worth It to Have a Decent Credit Score??

Recently, we put our house up for a short sale to rent a townhouse closer to work and college. Half the people I talked to about it were, "good idea, will definitely save money, sounds great." The other half were pretty upset, stating such things as, "It is your duty to pay for the house, you are throwing everything away, you are going to drag your credit score into the ground and it will be very difficult to bring it back up." So I ask myself: Is it worth it to have a decent credit score? Why?...more
I will definitely say the my buying a house, at 10%-15% down, at an early age, in a bad ...more

Am I Crazy? Too much stuff on the plate...

I must be crazy, but determined (or maybe stubborn?).I work. Full-time as a cook at a nursing home.  My daughter goes into daycare because my husband has nacrolepsy and is trying to get a home business off the ground.And we are trying to have another baby (wish us luck!).But that's not the even the bulk of it.  There are plenty of work away from home moms out there, still starting their families.  There are plenty of spouses out there with disabilities, still providing for their loved ones.  No, these parts are "easy" (or at least do-able)....more
Good for you! Don't look at it as a full plate but a colorful diverse plate of nourishing food. ...more

Finally getting somewhere!

So after 2 weeks of calling and waiting, I finally talked to a person together from my interview in the end of June.  They told me that they are still interviewing canidates til the end of next week, but I'm so far one of the "top top" canidates for the job.  So exciting! I'd hate to leave   my residents, but am looking forward to new experiences and opporturnies ahead.  Wish me luck!...more

The new momma organization factor.

I love being organized.  I really do.  Life seems so much easier to roll with when you know what is coming up tomorrow, next week, or next month.  But life still throws at you wrenches for your plans (planes cancel, deaths in family, car breaks down, etc.), but you still go on. How does a working momma with a husband with nacrolepsy and asperger syndrome and a 1-yr old handle it all?...more

I find that funny, considering I have a brother-in-law in the military. Sadly, he never ...more

A brick on our road

I am a cook.  At a long-term care facility.  I love it.  But I'm the primary bread-winner of the household, and being paid $8.50 an hour when the natural average is $11.62 ain't easy.  So I am applying to multiple cook positions across the nation in long-term care facilities, hospitals, and schools.  I won't lie, cooking isn't the end all for me...I would like to someday get a degree in healthcare administration.  But until I can get a job with better pay so that I can feel confident enough to go back to school, I'm sticking with what I know and enjoy....more

How sexism can still exist within families.

Yesterday I showed my mom the townhouse we are going to rent.  Not only was she nit-picking the whole place ("the toilets need to be cleaned," and "there's a nail hole in the door"), but she was also nit-picking our decision to move ("Why move when you have an over-priced mortgage on a dinky house that is falling apart?").  It occurred to me, past bad decisions aside, why she seems so hard on me in particular....more

Life...It catches up to you...

At first, I was going to write about our first camping trip (with a nearly one-year old, no less!), but haven't gotten around to it.  Then I was going to write about the Great Father's Day Burglary (they took our 24in flat screen monitor for our htpc), but didn't feel up to it.  So I guess I'll be writing about our adventure in moving for the first time as a family....more

Leaving facebook for a better peace of mind.

So I'm going to do it.  I'm leaving facebook.  Out of the 500,000,000+ users in the facebook status-sphere, I'm exiting.  It took much deliberation to come to this conclusion, but I think this would be the best for me....more

Petition for better maternity leave

From Family and Medical Leave Act now guarantees American working men and women twelve weeks leave to care for a newborn and the leave is unpaid. The Project on Global Working Families at Harvard University’s School of Public Health compared our twelve week unpaid parental leave to other countries and found that: · 163 countries offer mothers paid leave with the birth of a child; · 45 countries give fathers paid parental leave;...more