You Shouldn't Sweat When You Sew


Bossy New Girl Asks a Favor...

I'm like WAY new here.  And, I've been out browsing everybody's AMAZE-BALLS blogs.  There are some really great posts out here!!  However, I'm a bit sad, because it looks as though SO many are not being read.Even those who I see that have had a blog "featured" - the rest of their posts seem untouched and lonely. ...more

Find the "Me in the Mommy" Challenge

Little more than four years ago, I was a career driven sort of a girl.  It was not until I had my second child that I realized just HOW much I identified with my job.  It's who and what I was.  I was single in the city, with a great job that I actually enjoyed and a large network of friends with extrememly similar interests.Then change happened, and a LOT of it....more

Woman Crush Wednesday

 It is Wednesday, right?!Dude's get to post on Woman Crush Wednesday, so why cant I?  I have a serious mom crush.  Im sure she doesn't know that (thank God!) as she is probably too busy churning her own organic butter or something.  But again, thank God!  How embarrassing would that be?  Hi....I have a mom crush on you.  And I stalk you. But I digress.  Yes, I have a mom crush.  The chick takes motherhood to a whole other level and exposes me for the amateur that I am....more

What's Shallow?

 So, here I am, attempting to start this blog I was so gung ho about starting up YEARS ago.  There is just one little problem.  I feel like I have nothing to say.  Yes, me.  I feel shallow.  Maybe it’s the pressure of a “first blog” or something, because usually I have MORE than enough to say.  I’m reading so many insightful, humorous blogs from other moms these days, and constantly think to myself…. WHY AM I NOT DOING THAT TOO? ...more
For now I'm just trying to type.  Lol.  Hopefully intelligence shines through at some point.  Haha.more