Getting Married? 10 Worst First-Dance Songs Ever

I love weddings. The flowers, the tulle, the gowns, the anticipation and celebration of everlasting love. It’s all so romantic and beautiful. But the planning of the blessed event can be anything but. ...more
Avery Lane Avery, if you two feel like it's representative of your relationship and you love it, ...more

Living the Frugal Life. Not So Much

Living the Frugal Life. Not So Much...more

28 Best Momisms About Beauty

My mother was a MILF. Of course, she didn’t know it at the time. It was, after all, in the 1960s, and MILFs were 40+ years down the road. When I was in my teens, she would have been referred to as “hot,” or “a fox.” Suffice it to say, she was stunning and all my teenage boyfriends loved her....more

Not Tonight, Dear, I Have a Headache. 15 Reasons Why

Not Tonight, Dear, I Have a Headache. 15 Reasons Why...more

Menopause Killed my Inner MILF

 Menopause Killed my Inner MILF...more
Yes, REALLY.  With all do respect to God, I don't think he's been through Menopause. That's ...more

How to Write a Blog Post in 15 EZ Steps

How to Write a Blog Post in 15 EZ Steps...more

This Wasn't in the Manual. Epic Mom Fails

A recent study by the American Academy of Pediatrics found that many grandparents lack satisfactory knowledge of today’s safety guidelines for children. It seemed the majority of those grandparents surveyed gave the wrong answer to questions like the best position for infants to sleep, the correct positioning of a car seat, and  whether walkers were good devices to help babies learn to walk (grandparents said yes, Academy said no)....more

When is "Bite Me" an Appropriate Response to a Compliment?

Much has been written over the years on how to graciously accept a compliment. We teach our daughters to simply say “Thank you,” instead of automatically becoming self-deprecating (“This old thing? I’ve had it for years”) or coy (“Do you really?”) when someone says “I love your dress.” Personally, I’m still waiting for the day when it’s okay to reply, “You’re right....more
Bite me is one of my favorites!  It fits in almost any situation!more

25 Things Ann Landers Could Have Learned From my Mother

25 Things Ann Landers Could Have Learned From my MotherI was 11 when my mom and stepdad got married. Both parents had three kids, so the marriage instantly turned us into a large, boisterous family trying to learn to live together and share everything, with each child constantly jockeying for position and attention from the clearly exhausted and constantly outflanked new stepparents from either side....more

Aging Gracefully. Not as Easy as It Sounds

Aging Gracefully. Not As Easy As It Sounds...more