Vintage Buffet Cabinet Redo

Vintage Buffet Cabinet Here is a little project I just finished up for a client....more

Pretty In Pink!

    Well, it's been an exciting past few weeks...... NOT!   After my better half got a tooth of his knocked out, which prompted an emergency trip to the dentist for a temporary replacement, apparently my migraine thought it needed a little attention as well and landed me in the ER for one of those shots that leave you singing the Teletubbie's, song while drooling on the table, for the next two days!   ...more

"Bird In A Tree" Dresser

Ok, I just finished the biggest stinking headache challenge in my budding career.  A set of drawers that my son and I picked up on the side of the road one day on his way to school.  When I got them home, I realized that a lot of it was made of MDF *wood*.  ...more

Tray with French Grain Sack Image

Okay!  Got a "quickie" project you can do in your spare time.  This is gonna be one of those short and sweet, yet rare DIY posts too! ...more

French Script Set of Drawers

Well, I made through three birthdays this past week - two of them belonging to my now 15 year old twins.  You know what they both requested as a "present"?...more