Screw You Rear-View Mirror


My Kid Looks Adorable Through Your Tablet


Lies of the Guardians

Probably a fire hazardIt takes a lot of stren...more

A List for my Husband in Case I Get Kidnapped by a Mexican Drug Cartel

"Moms can't go to Mexico!" Ben (age 5) pleaded as I happily packed my rollerboard with clothes that only belonged to me.  "Who is babysitting us?"I explained to the frightened boy that when Dad was in charge it wasn't considered "babysitting" and I assured him that four days would go by quickly.  Unsatisfied with my answer, I then promised him a cool Mexican souvenir so he'd get off my back....more

Casting Call My A$$

           Two weeks ago, Will decided that he wanted to be an actor.  When this boy gets an idea in his head, ignoring him is not an option.  He began researching acting classes, studying the acting methods of all those insanely rich kids on the Disney Channel and even combing his hair in the morning.  In an effort to not shatter his dream, I said little and patiently waited for him to move on to the next career goal such as professional football player or cosmonaut specializing in the destruction of space junk....more

Back to School Coffee? Obviously the PTO Hates Parents

I woke up this morning with a little spring in my step. In three days, my peaceful, boy-free house will be reclaimed for seven whole hours a day. Yippee!! I will pop out of bed like a songbird and start belting out, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” (This holiday medley also makes an appearance during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.) Back to school means back to sanity. ...more
Ha! Good for you! I couldn't do it this year ... Not. Ready.more

Don't Leave Home Without Them?

Tomorrow we leave for our weeklong beach vacation.  As I pack, I meticulously check off each item on the list I created 2 weeks ago.  If it weren’t for the list, I would definitely forget the tweezers that may be needed in case of a splinter or the anti-itch cream that will only be needed if I forget to pack it....more

Let Me Get That For You...

I wish I had staged this photo....more

No Toy Guns. Nope. Not For My Boys.

                                                          Is Nothing Sacred?<...more

Cup Shopping: What Do You Mean, "How Big Is He?"

Similar to the school supply list we moms are allotted at the beginning of every school year, baseball coaches should hand out a “baseball supply list” at the start of each season. How is a mom who chose pom poms over a legitimate sport supposed to know that little boys need crotch protection out in the field? I know what a “cup” is from the days my dad would casually keep his out in the open after a game (his team’s name was the Bushwackers by the way, but that’s another story), so I know the purpose of a “cup,” but I just assumed it was for an older man … perhaps one with more substance....more
Yes, for cricket but now he plays baseball and not cricket he uses it for that. We call it a box ...more