WebAIM announces updates to the WAVE tool

WebAIM announced several updates to the WAVE tool. I always spend time in my accessibility classes telling students about the importance of accessibility testing. The WAVE tool is generally at the top of my list ....more

O’Reilly EBook: Design for Voice Interfaces

O’Reilly Media is offering a free ebook called Design for Voice Interfaces: Building Products that Talk by Laura Klein. It’s only 30 pages long and worth reading. It gives a brief background, talks about current issues in designing VUI and concludes with a few helpful resources to get you started learning more about it ....more

The Pros and Cons of 5 Current Web Design Trends

Photo Credit: Daniel Kulinski (https://flic.kr/p/bWHeie) By Jason OConnor I feel like an old man. While preparing to write this article I can clearly recall a time when I used the Netscape browser to load my favorite search engine Alta Vista using my tortoise-speed dial-up internet connection back in 1998. From this seventeen-year altitude I have seen a lot of web design trends come and go, with only the best becoming relatively standard ....more

Quantico: The First 8 Minutes Offers a Look at an Exciting New TV Star

I've been ready to watch Quantico from the first preview because of the interesting lead actress playing Alex Parrish. Now that ABC released a teaser showing the first 8 minutes, I'm even more sure I'm going to love this show. It's about a class of recruits heading for the FBI Academy to learn to be agents. ...more

HTML 5 Cheat Sheet

From Jamie Spencer, here’s a mega HTML 5 cheat sheet. If you want to print it, a PDF is available at makeawebsitehub.com/the-html-5-mega-cheat-sheet HTML5 Cheat Sheet Cheat Sheet via Make a Website Hub © vdebolt for Web Teacher, 2015. | Permalink | No comment | The post HTML 5 Cheat Sheet appeared first on Web Teacher ....more

Amara Makes Video More Accessible

I just discovered a subtitling tool called Amara that is a global captioning and translation project for video. I’m a couple of years behind the times. In case you haven’t heard of it either, here’s an introduction to the tool ....more

Responsive Images (Video)

Two excellent videos from Akamai Technologies are available explaining how to code for responsive images. The first is written by Mat Marquis, the second by Yoav Weiss. Both films go quickly and bear watching more than once ....more

Nat & Lo’s 20% Project

When you work at Google, you get to spend 20% of your time doing something you think of yourself. Googlers...more

Is Twitter the New Long Form?

I follow several social justice leaders and activists on Twitter. I have noticed that they use Twitter in a way that is different from in the past. In the past, tweets were singular events – a comment, a link, a share of some sort ....more

Art, Sex and Absent Motherhood in 'Ricki and the Flash'

Lucky for me I'm not a critic. It seems to me that the main job of a critic is to watch a fun and enjoyable movie or TV show and find things wrong with it so as to make it unenjoyable for anyone else to watch. Which leads to my point: Ricki and the Flash is fun and enjoyable. Lukewarm reviews be damned. Image: TriStar Pictures ...more