Some Teaching Tips for HTML5 and CSS3 7th Edition

Where I teach, we use HTML5 & CSS3 Visual QuickStart Guide (7th Edition) to teach both the basic HTML and the CSS class. This version of the book came out in 2011. There’s an 8th Edition released in 2013, but we haven’t switched to it yet ....more

Meet Megan Smith, New US Chief Technology Officer

MAKERS have several video profiles of Megan Smith, who was recently named Chief Technology Officer for the United States by President Obama. You can find more films and a biography of Megan Smith at the MAKERS site. When the video ends, you will be able to see several more short conversations with Megan Smith about technology ....more

Jeffrey Zeldman: 20 Years of Web Design and Community

This is a wonderful film everyone should watch, especially young people just starting out making web sites who have not lived through the last 20+ years with Jeffrey as their spirit guide. The film is one of a documentary series from you to for making this one available in its full length free. There are many other fascinating documentaries on creative topics at ....more

The Relevance of Dreamweaver

Stefan Mischook from posted an article a day or two ago called Is Dreamweaver still Relevant in Web Design? His conclusion was no, it is not. Granted there are many more ways to make an effective and functional website than there used to be ....more

Intro to the Web Developer Toolbar

I always tell students to use the Web Developer Toolbar developed by Chris Pederick. It’s free, it works in Firefox, Opera, or Chrome and it’s very helpful. This short video explains a bit about it ....more

Review: HTML & CSS: Design and Build Websites

product HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites by Jon Duckett is from Wiley & Sons (2011). This book is a little old (4 years) but I was so impressed with the JavaScript book by the same author and in the same format that I requested a copy from the publisher for review. Everything I said about pedagogy and color coding in the review of the JavaScript book applies to this book as well ....more

What’s going on at UNM Continuing Ed?

There are several changes at UNM in the Digital Arts program in Continuing Education where I teach. There are new classes and new certificates. There are many certifications you can earn at UNM Continuing Education ....more

Review: JavaScript & jQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development

product JavaScript & jQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development by Jon Duckett is from Wiley & Sons (2014). This book earns high praise from me as educationally sound. It reminds me a little of the Head First series of books, except this book isn’t silly ....more

What are Implicit ARIA Roles?

For a while now, I’ve been seeing mentions of implicit ARIA roles as something web designers and developers should be aware of and know how to use. In the case of ARIA roles, the word implicit means that the browser interprets certain HTML elements semantically and treats them as if an ARIA role were assigned to them. In these situations, the web designer does not specifically need to add the role attribute to the element ....more

Why isn’t the main element in Dreamweaver CC’s Insert panel?

One of the arguments Adobe uses to convince all of us that we want to fork over a monthly subscription fee for Adobe products is that we get all the latest updates. So why isn’t the main element among the choices in the Insert panel? The main element represents the main content of the body of a document or application ....more