90 Days to Change starting with the Butterfly Effect

Have you seen the movie "The Butterfly Effect" starring Ashton Kutcher.  A line from the movie to explain the effect is "A butterfly flapping its wings in Peru can start a change in the weather that leads to a typhoon in China." In addition, I have heard that Butterflies are the symbol of transformation.  ...more

90 Days to Change CHALLENGE- I need BlogHer Help - My Google Reader is HUNGRY

Next Wednesday, September 30, marks 90 days left in 2009.  I think a lot about goal setting and ALL the things I want to do.  I realize I need support in my progress.  Another thing I have learned about myself recently, is I like challenges.  Most recently, challenges that are like contests.  So I am choosing to use that to my advantage.  Taking parts of it from the movie "Julie and Julia", I am committing to a 90 day change plan.  I intended to post goals and hope that others will do the same.  I will post each day on the progress, the struggle, the ...more

Blogher Intro - Read Directions_Important to getting where you want to go!

Well, I have been on here for awhile and I guess you have to read the directions to learn to get to where you want to go! Never was much good at that but in my older years, I am learning to take a few steps back and build a foundation rather than full speed AHEAD! I have a couple of blogs ..  Slice of Life Diet and We're Not in Oz Anymore ...more