Your Moment Of…

It’s been a bit of a morning around here. The big kids are at co-op. Except for Adam, who has injured his leg and has a doctor’s appointment later ....more

Latin for Children & Song School Latin – A Review

Given the title of ye olde blog, you can imagine that I have Strong Opinions when it comes to teaching my kids Latin. I tried several different programs before I found one that meets my standards for excellence and my kids’ standards for fun. Meet the winner,...more


Fifteen years, y’all. I am so grateful. Since we already went to the beach for our anniversary and our date night is later, it was just another day ....more

October – What It’s Like Here

I’m coming to the end of another Brave Writer class, which means I poke my head up like a meerkat and go, “Hey! Blogging! I like that! ...more

A Bit Of Magic

So we’ve been keeping a really BIG secret for awhile now. Some of you may remember that when two of our kids are in the age range of 5 or 6, we take them on a trip. Sam and Ian went to San Francisco, Adam and Ellen went to Lego Land ....more

The Six Month Question

Andrew and I snuck away for a little pre-anniversary getaway at the beach. Don’t worry, we left the kids plenty of food and water… (I kid. MeMe and Grampaw have the whole crew well in hand and I suspect none of them care one whit if we ever come back.) We’ve had a wonderful time, of course, sitting on the beach with our books and a bag of trail mix between us ....more

How We Do – Kids And Money

*I do not by any stretch claim to have this all figured out. This is just what works for us at the moment. Andrew and I spent a rather painful year getting our finances in order with LearnVest ....more

State of The People

I spent the past weekend at a girls’ retreat, navel-gazing and giggling. I still missed my people. It’s easy to feel freed up from the needs and wants, but their personalities and their stories and their hugs? ...more

Homeschooling – When You Want To Quit

I got an SOS from a friend recently. You know the one. “I don’t know how to do this homeschool gig, these people are driving me nuts, I’m researching public schools as we speak, etc.” And I get it ....more

A Sliver of Hope With A Side of Caffeine

My sisters recently returned from global gallivanting and I was very happy to have them all in my living room. One sister, who now speaks in the metric system – I can’t understand her at all, spent the night with me. Which meant I pretended I was 16 and stayed up way too late, only to wake up and remember how old I am and how broken our coffeemaker was ....more