An Open Letter Of Deepest Responsibility and Apology

An Open Letter Of Deepest Responsibility and Apology I won't name names, as to who this is for,  I feel that those people will know who this is for and they will read it. This open letter of deepest apology, goes out to so many people, I don't know if I can even begin to name names, I can only share what is on my heart today. I know that this is going to possibly a can of worms, or a door that I may not want to have opened....more

Eat The Cookie, Buy the Shoes by Joyce Meyer

WOW! I was a bit reluctant to pick up this book and read it. I am not one who lets go, loosens up and has fun in life. After reading, Joyce's words of Godly wisdom and using this book as a Bible study, I am giving myself permission to lighten up and have fun in life. She teaches how to balance being a disciplined, having self control and yet enjoying a lighter kind of life with less stress and worry. I recommend to those, like myself are uptight in life and need to loosen up, lighten up and have fun....more

The Inn At Rose Harbor by Debbie Macomber: A Review

Once again, Debbie Macomber doesn't fail in satisfying her readers, who want to read clean, Christian books. She had me hooked from the get go with great characters like Jo Marie: inn owner of Rose Harbor Inn who lost her military due to a helicopter crash in Afghanistan, she follows a dream to open the Inn. She names it The Inn At Rose Harbor in honor of her beloved husband. Josh: the young man who's been abused by his step father, who comes home to Cedar Creek to say his last goodbye to the dying man. He finds closure through the little time he has with this man....more

I Want To Shine For God, Not Fit Into The World

I need to share this on here and publicly, as this is something that has burning on my heart, Spirit and mind. Concerning a situation that took place a few weeks back where I was forced to block people, who I really don't have contact with at all, we live 2500 miles from each other and honestly, we all have our own lives to live now with or without each other. Everyone can have their opinions that is fine, this is my blog and my thoughts on the thing of blocking people as a Christian woman....more