To share or not to share the Colorado shooting with my children

 Once again I'm shocked at the news today. The shooting in Aurora, CO has siphoned another spine chilling memory for me. Gun violence is a touchy subject in my world. ...more
Sure did. Our boys are 10 and 13, we have always kept them abreast of the news local national ...more

Will My Children have Great Interpersonal Skills in This Tech-Saturated World?

Goodness, my children live in a saturated world of technology and gadgets and 140 character statements. They will NEVER know a time when technology wasn't an enormous part of their lives. Period. The best thing that I can do NOW is cultivate and nurture excellent communication skills in them with people face to face and NOT simply over clicking 'send' because it seems to me that interpersonal skills are almost extinct today. It's a bit scary! ...more
There needs to be balance--good interpersonal skills live and online. I am a not only a fan of ...more

Mothering Heals Me

Tonight, while I changed the sheets on my daughters' bunk beds I couldn't help but remember moments of my turbulent childhood. I was mindful of how I tucked the fitted sheets on their mattresses because while I did so, I vicariously tended to the bed I would have slept in as a little girl and added the attention I needed... It healed me....more
Beautiful and lovely. It is so amazing the resilience we humans possess, isn't it? And that the ...more

My heart is in BlogHer '12

I had been 'thinking' about attending the BlogHer '12 conference for a few months now.  Initially, I was fired up and didn't want to think twice about attending my very first blog conference.  Then the fear and angst and complete doubt started to bubble into my psyche.  The idea of hundreds of women gathered in a place where they belong, where their voices are heard, where their ideas are inspired and nurtured and acknowledged all seemed intimidating to me.  ...more
Can't wait to see you there!more

Regret is still beautiful...

I looked into the eyes of regret at a very young age.  Regret rested in the eyes of my mother.  She held all the moments of her life that she wished she could have, in half a second, returned to and done something completely different about it.  At that very young age I would learn of my mother's one enormous regret.  I remember asking her why she was always so sad. 'Mommy, why are you crying?'  A 5 year old me would ask her....more
Thank you. Writing about it is what allows me to process most of the confusion of it all. Yes, ...more

Peace and quiet makes me feel {guilty}

 The constant chaos of three shrieking girls is taxing on the eardrums.  I feel like a broken record every single day with the repetitive lines of 'lower your voices' or 'stop yelling' or 'please, girls, Mommy can't hear Daddy on the phone!'...more
Never feel guilty...It's the best thing you do for yourself and your family to recharge those ...more