On a field trip, sometimes the teacher learns FAR more than the kids.

Things I learned on our (incredibly LONG) walking field trip to a park today. Sometimes the dogs next to the school won’t stop barfing at George as he walks by on his way to school in the morning. They are LOUD when they barf at him ....more

Here's the bench, Frank. You've been relieved of your duties...

We were sitting on the picnic tables at recess. “I have to leave the dining room table if I have to toot at dinner-time,” Liam said. ...more

I make mistakes like it's my job. (aka I'm a mom, what do you expect?)

Bitchy has been living in Seattle since November. And that’s Seattle, WASHINGTON, people! While I know it’s close to, um,...more

And aren't we all just really walking each other to the finish line? Let's do it with a bit of gratitude, and grace...

I was happy to run into a parent that I knew in the hallway this morning. I was her daughter’s first grade teacher several years ago and I was excited to see her.She's been busy these last few years finishing up a degree, so I haven't seen her very often....more

THESE are the best (new to me) picture books you HAVE to read...and share...and share...and share. (aka Homework from the Teacher)

There are many parts of this teaching gig that I enjoy, but none more than a good read-aloud. As teachers we’re taught to preview the book we’re going to read, make notes about what you want to highlight, come up with probing and interesting questions for the kids, and be sure that each book is purposeful. But I think not ....more

"Seattle? SEATTLE, WASHINGTON?? You might as well move to China....."

Bitchy is now living the dream, living and working in the amazing town of Seattle, Washington. I can’t lie. I’ve got to say that when the call came from Scottsdale, Arizona (only weeks after she left HERE to go to move THERE) that they were moving even fartheraway, my heart dropped to the floor ....more

When you think you're doing the right thing, it hurts like hell.

I spend most days being grateful. Because to be honest, these days I have a pretty spectacular life. I have a job I love ....more

It's the little things...that can totally ruin my day.

I’ve learned some very cool things lately that make me feel pretty, um, hip, if you will. I can Face Time with Bitchy and Sassy any time I want. (Of course they refuse to Face Time with me, but I COULD Face Time with them if they picked up....more

It's kind of like invasion of the body snatchers...and I've become the person I never understood....

I’ve been living in a strange new world for the last year and half, discovering and enjoying new and amazing things with my amazing fella....more

There's no CRYING in first grade! (Well, maybe just the teacher....)

We have a very eclectic class this year. Actually, in our particular school, we have an eclectic class every year but for some crazy reason this year’s group seems even more diverse....more