Sometimes a dragon wakes up all on his own. (And that's a @*#&@^ tragedy.)

It’s easy sometimes to fool myself into thinking that all is well in the world. It’s easy to go about my daily life without a care in the world. It’s easy for all of us to fall into that comfortable routine that keeps us warm in our little cottages, that keeps us wrapped in a bubble of distraction and allows us to forget, even for a little, that life has a crazy way of bringing us to our knees ....more

Humpty Dumpty could have used someone who loved him.

I’ve moved…again. For the fourth time in five years I’ve moved, and frankly I’m disausted. The glorious thing about this particular move (if moving can be glorious at ALL) is that this time I am unpacking the boxes that have been packed up for a WHOLE year ....more

A b*&%^ by any other name should STILL a b*&%^.

Remember back in the day when Bitchy was really bitchy? Surely SOME of you out there remember those days? You know, when she piled her Christmas presents outside her door and insisted in a VERY loud voice that I return them ALL....more

Sweet and Sour.....they just go together....

The last days of school for teachers are always bittersweet....more

The Signing. (And it wasn't at the Overlook...)

My stomach was churning as we walked into the Shaw Public Library. ...more

Back to the Scene of the Crime....(aka The Book Signing, Part One...)

I was incredibly flattered and honored to receive a phone call from the public library in my old hometown. The librarian said that my Aunt Becky told her I published a book, and asked if I would be interested in doing a book signing!...more

Postcards from the edge.....of paradise

Because I have no words for the beauty that surrounds this is proof. I had to walk ACROSS THE STREET to this beach. (And when I say the street I mean a teeny, tiny alleyway...) This is where we walk to see the sunset each night ....more

Move over, Cinderella. (And pass the sunscreen.)

Remember when I used to take aluminum cans to the can man to get money so that I could pay for something important? And when I went to Wal-Mart or the Goodwill for an outfit for someone’s graduation or sport’s banquet? And ladies, raise your hand if you have taken bags and bags of old/slightly used clothes to the consignment shop so that you could pay your phone bill or get some groceries? ...more

How to render this woman speechless. (And we all know THAT isn't easy...)

Ray and I were getting to know each other, sharing our lives one story at a time....more