The Maker's Mark "Keep you busy while you recover from knee surgery" package rocked the house.

I was pretty surprised when I signed for the UPS package. ...more

Sometimes the shot in the arm you need will come from someone you've never even met.

The day after I entered the rehab facility, the physical therapist and I discussed my goals....more

You mean I have to get OUT of the bed? (aka they don't pay physical therapists NEAR enough money)

“She’s the ‘bilateral’,” I heard the nurse mention to the aide that entered the room with her. I turned my head towards the door and moved my bed up with the cool electronic device that enables you to remain motionless for as long as you want....more

If you hate to laugh.....this book is NOT for you!!!

Here's a small (reminder) taste of Frank...... Lesson nine We were working in literacy centers today when I heard Frank’s thundering voice from across the room. It’s a daily occurrence ....more

Frank…the missing pages…..AND THE BOOK…..

"Mrs. Smith, have you ever seen the Austin Powers?" "Yes, Frank, I have." "My favorite character if Fat Bastard!" "Frank! You shouldn't say that word at school."...more

Yep. I finally decided that being afraid was no longer an option.

And today THIS happened. You might be able to find this here..... ...more

Runners take your mark.....

I watched the sea of faces working diligently and painfully as they took the SAT last Saturday. I felt honestly like I was right smack in the middle of the Breakfast Club....more

Fruit, Fancy, Fish, Fire, Fries, Football....there are a MILLION to choose from.

Today in my guided reading group we were talking about the letter F....more

What day is it? WHAT DAY IS IT???

The children came back from lunch a jubilant mess....more

I try to listen to the teacher.....but am easily distracted.

I looked at the messy counter in the play area and was feeling overwhelmed. I knew when she walked into the classroom on Monday that she would know that I hadn’t unpacked any of the boxes that were piled all over the playroom area....more