How to render this woman speechless. (And we all know THAT isn't easy...)

Ray and I were getting to know each other, sharing our lives one story at a time....more

Some lessons are taught when no one is looking.....

In education there are always different learning/teaching strategies popping up....more

Advice from Stella

"Mrs. Smythe, could you please tell Jack to wear a belt? ...more

Now where was I?

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The apology

The crazy thing about being crazy in love?You ...more

Our Kindergarten Melting Pot. (Stella's version.)

Stella looked at our fairly new blond-haired, freckle faced Daniel and asked him a question. “Are you Jewish?” Daniel sat beside her coloring his paper and shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t know.” “Well, where are you from?” she continued. “I’m from Korea!” “No you’re NOT!” (Clearly right in that regard.) “Okay,” he said with a shrug, “I’m from Florida.” “Oh....more

He's only saying what we are ALL thinking. (aka Jack is the new Frank.)

We were working in reading groups last week after a thousand snow days and a hundred two hour delay days....more

Sometimes it's great to be rendered speechless....

We were almost done with our faculty meeting two weeks ago when the principal and the social committee chairpersons stood in front of our staff....more