There's no CRYING in first grade! (Well, maybe just the teacher....)

We have a very eclectic class this year. Actually, in our particular school, we have an eclectic class every year but for some crazy reason this year’s group seems even more diverse....more

There are many things blowing in the breeze...and that can be glorious.

I’ve carried a burden in my heart for 30 years....more

Yep, THOSE were the days....

The Christmas Letters- Part One... I can’t believe another year has come and gone. I just don’t believe it!...more

Looks like the magical fruit has some competition......

We have two days of school this week before Thanksgiving break....more

You can have the turkey, cause I'm pretty sure I'll be getting the lobster.....

I'm giving thanks this weekend for so many, many things. ...more

I'll take my bug chocolate covered, please.

Ian has a friend named Ben who is in second grade and spends a lot of time at Ian's house....more

I should have reminded everyone to take cover.....

It’s hard sometimes to imagine what your life will be after a divorce. It’s such an incredibly traumatic event, that frankly it’s hard to imagine each day what the very next day will be like. The events that lead up to such a difficult and painful decision are so very different from one person to the next....more

Sometimes a boy's gotta do what a boy's gotta do.....(aka GET TO WORK.)

I apologize for neglecting this space, but I’ve been incredibly distracted by a whole room full of Franks....more

Somebody Pinch Me.

Divorced.Frankly, it would have been amazing if it hadn't cost me 245 THOUSAND DOLLARS...... ...more


"Mrs. Smythe, do you know what my favorite flower is?" I smiled at Andy, "Hmm, I don't!"...more