If your son invites you to a concert... go!

Mother's Day gift this year?  A cross country flight to visit my son at college.  He was a fun and gracious host, enthusiastically introducing me to roommates, friends and teachers.  Best part? Front-row seat at his a cappella concert. The music was magical and brought me to tears.  So if you get an invite to visit your adult child's world... go for it.  Here is a taste of what I so richly enjoyed: http://voqel.com/i/1891   ...more

Mom in her 40s

Mom died too young of ovarian cancer.  I miss her.  She taught me the important things.  Be kind.  Think hard.  Never be afraid.  Care.  Tolerate differences.  Go out and play.  She tried to teach me to talk less and listen more.   Still working on that one, Mom.   P.S. enjoy this short audio created to honor mom: http://voqel.com/i/1687...more
To hear the audio version, please visit http://voqel.com/i/1687more