NaBloPoMo #1: It’s Write Your Heart Out Month!

Happy November, everyone — 11/1 marks the start of write-your-heart-out month, no matter your genre of choice: National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWriMo), National Blog Posting Month (aka NaBloPoMo), WNFIN&...more

(nablopomo #23) "at the end of it all, she will understand me"

Good morning. There's a candle here, casting a small circle of bright onto the dark wood of my desk. Even though it's late, there are no birds awake yet. I'm not dealing very well with the fact that it's already the end of the year....more

(nablopomo #22) a complicated lucky

(There's some explicit talk of sexual trauma in this morning's post — just be easy with yourselves as you read, ok? xox, -Jen)Good morning on this Tuesday-- what's lit for you already at this early hour?...more

(nablopomo #21) listening to the hungers

Nous qui désirons sans faims: we who want without hungers...more

(nablopomo #20) confessions and old church

Good morning and good morning. There was a rainbow outside when the pup and I went out for her first morning walk a little bit ago, big and wide, thin, perfect. Now it's all grey and rain (almost typed rein). Also perfect....more

(nablopomo #19) excavating the architecture of your jaw

An evening blog today -- these always feel a little strange, a little like cheating: writing at night? Who gets to do that?A great group of writers today at Writing the Flood -- I feel so fortunate to get to do this work! For today's post, I'm sharing a write from today:...more

(nablopomo #18) sit with what's been stirred

(begun this morning, and I'm just sharing it now. sometimes hard times mean the post comes late.)...more

(nablopomo #17) it's not "evil" -- it's exactly our culture

Hello hello --there's a deep tired this morning that's getting in the way of writing.  Foghorns outside, no owls. Just the mechanical, human sounds.~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~...more

(nablopomo #16) firsts at UC Davis

(I'm getting my BlogHer blog all caught up with my other blog -- I've been dutifully posting every day, but have been remiss in keeping this space up to date with those posts. xo! Jen)~~~~~~...more

(nablopomo #15) red bandana

Good morning good morning -- what can I give you this morning from this place of quiet and green tea?...more