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best ab workout ever? most likely.

this is slightly terrifying but I'm totally gonna try it....more
Oh my god... that looks terrifying. Which is probably why we should do it!more

10 Real Fitness Tips for Real Women!

Hey ladies, so I'm here today to tell you guys some of my best fitness tips and plans and motivation lalala etc.First of all *disclaimer* I am not a doctor nor am I a personal trainer nor am I certified in anything except CPR but that's not gonna help you here. (Hopefully you won't need it.)At the end of this post I'm going to share a treadmill exercise that I do and it definitely leaves room to change it up so stay tuned for that.Some tips:...more

Falling off the fitness bandwagon (and how to get back on it)

This weekend was a disaster for me.It was full of Halloween activities and such which for me meant mellowcreme pumpkins + hot cocoa + popcorn + candy x 3284132048214. I've literally polished off about six thousand pounds of candy and the gym hasn't happened in 4 days because of all the Halloween festivities + recuperating.However, falling off the bandwagon doesn't mean you can't get back on!!I know they say not to deprive yourself of foods...but once I start eating something I can't stop. So for me it's better to cut it out cold turkey....more

Running Playlist

Hey guys! So I'm sorry that I've been gone for so long. Really.Exams and summer took over and I got super busy but I'm back! I actually began running over the summer. I always thought I could never run because I hated it and my lungs would scream at me after a quarter of a mile. However, my friend Ally invited me to run with her during our sisters' basketball practice and I actually ended up liking it! I can only run about 1.5 miles now but I'm working up to a 5k. Small goals are key, in my opinion....more

Staying Healthy (Opportunity to win $100 Walgreens giftcard from Marriage Confessions!)

I don't read a ton of blogs...but I am currently addicted to Marriage Confessions. This is probably because I love stories of high school sweethearts and this blog is a real life story of two high school sweethearts who are now married with a son (and expecting a daughter in about 3 weeks!). The woman who writes it, Katie, (along with Walgreens and blogher I believe) has decided to sponsor a contest to get a Walgreens giftcard! Here is the link to her post: http://marriageconfessions.com/BlogHerReviews/...more

What I've Learned about Love

So this blog today has nothing to do with fitness, but I felt an urge to get these words written (or in this case typed.)I'm only 19 years old. I won't be 20 until the end of this year and by no means am I an expert on love. But I feel like I've learned so much.The last (and only real) relationship I was in, taught me so much....more

Why Do "Pro-Ana" Blogs Still Exist?

So I've always heard about Pro-Ana (anorexia) blogs but I've never actually looked at one. They're terrifying. In case you're wondering. I know the internet can't take them all down, so the title is rhetorical...but it is SO scary to see what girls are doing to their bodies and minds. I just kept reading in horror because I was so shocked. I've always known eating disorders exist and I know how awful they are...but it's insane to read a blog written by an anorexic girl. This blog hasn't been updated since Spring of 2009 but reading what she wrote was crazy....more
@Joanna Poppink Thank you so much! It's definitely an awful thing but I'm so glad that there are ...more

Why I do more than just Cardio & Crunches.

So I'm a girl and I am well aware that most women stick to cardio and ab work. However, I don't. In my personal opinion it is just as important for women to strength train as it is for them to do cardio. I mean muscle burns waaaay more calories than fat, regardless of what you're doing. So if you're thinking of straying from your treadmill and trying out some free weights, I have some recommendations for you. Disclaimer: Talk to your physician before engaging in any physical activity....more

How to Stay Motivated :)

Sorry I haven't blogged in 2 days!I promise I worked out though...yoga on Monday (normally I do more but I had to have my mom mail me my tennis shoes cos I accidentally left them at home.) I also went to Cardio & Pump on Tuesday...and felt like I was dying...as usual haha. Okay well anyways, if you guys knew me personally you'd know that the main reason I never worked out was cos I lacked the motivation to do so....more