Ancient Alchemy in Matters of the Heart

There may actually be too many things percolating in my head this morning, for any of them to come together into a cohesive thought, but I'm going to try....more

Designing Castles without Plans

Ben and I were reading about Castles in the Middle Ages yesterday, and we decided to try to find a YouTube video of some of the greatest castles in the world. Sadly, we didn't find what we were looking for. We found some with music, and some that were about haunted castles, we watched part of one about The Castle of Fear, but the video quality was so bad, we started getting headaches....more
I loved David Macauley's Castle (book) when I was young. Apparently there is a PBS movie about ...more

Complicating Simple

Here's how the conversation went with my husband earlier today..."I'm afraid I complicate things," I said."No, Really?" he laughed. "But first you simplify your complicated, then that seems too easy, so you complicate it again, and add layers and extra buttons, and some fancy widgets, then you scrap the whole thing and go for simple again, but only if it can be in a binder with lots of tabs."...more
I think moms are the ones that make things simple for everyone else. We are by definition never ...more

The World at our Fingertips and the Challenge of Brevity

Mom to Country Kids Not So SAHMGah, you're right. As soon as we think we have everything down, ...more

Lessons from the Fail Tree

Rose Window Geometry

Ah – the glories of learning off the computer! Could there be a more exhilarating way to see in a quick moment all the geometric wonders involved in those wonderful Cathedral windows of old? (Perhaps it is because I have learned to love Math so very much, that this is astounding to me!)...more

Gears, Math and Contrary

Gears are at the heart of so many things around here. Scott is building a race car for the Drag Strip that is around the corner from our house. Both boys like to build motorcycles and bikes, and finger bikes, and scooters and anything else with wheels, really. I can see them going into fields like engineering or design or drafting. They are artists. Anything to do with building seems to be their thing. And because of that, I taught myself to love math....more

Holiday Crazy and Some Beautiful Desserts Made by Kids

The night before Thanksgiving this year, I was up until the wee hours of the morning, cleaning things that didn't really need to be cleaned - like my Washing Machine. When I reached out on Facebook to see if any of my friends were similarly acting unhinged, I got this response "OMG - just cleaned my Washing Machine!" I was not the only one....more

And, Why Do We Fall Down?

The answer, of course, is "So we can learn to get back up again." This is a line from Batman Begins that I heard my boys saying to one another after they'd seen the movie, reminding each other of the importance of learning through failure.In the last few months I have been nursing a wound to my writer's life image of myself, to my psyche, to my heart, and to my pride. I allowed the stinging words of another to completely shut me down. I have barely written anything since Labor Day of this year, when someone close to me, told me she was embarrassed that I am a Blogger, because bloggers (in her mind) were all "overweight, lonely, pathetic women with 20 cats."...more