Mommy: The Great Defender

What's my secret of being the best mother I could be?????...more

Getting Your "Self" Back: Step#7: Are you Bio-Worthy?

Your bio.  It’s your life in a quick paragraph.  It’s your life in a flash.  It’s your blurb in the paper when you have accomplished something.  It’s your current introduction to all things YOU.  And dare I say it?  It’s what they will say about you when you are gone. It’s your bio.  And is what’s in your bio..... Bio-worthy?...more

Getting Your "Self" Back: Step #6: Pails, Shovels and Buckets

Everyone you know has a bucket list. My husband wants to play at Pebble Beach Golf Course in California. He has been dreaming about it for years. He is finally doing it this year! I want to live in the South of France.  Guess what?  That bucket item is probably not happening.  A friend of mine has a list of ten amazing cities around the world that she absolutely wants to visit before she leaves this earth. She fastidiously peruses her list each month to see if anything is miraculously checked off.  It isn't yet. Maybe some day....more

Getting Your "Self" Back: Step #5: Remove The Tack!

I admit it.  I was a drug addict.  Whenever I could, I would pop pills….The really bad pills, too: Motrin, Maalox, Tums, Prilosec, Zantac, Pepto , Claritin, Ex-Lax,..I did them all.  I felt bad, I’d pop a pill.  I felt sad, I’d pop a pill. Honestly,  I hit rock bottom when my pocketbook was cited on The CVS website as a new store location.  ...more

Getting Your "Self" Back: Step #4: Lie to Dr. Oz; Feel Guilty; and Have an Affair With Your Nutribullet

I admit it! I lied to Dr. Oz.  In person.  In the airport.  My husband had just given me the news that Dr. Oz was interviewing people in the airport and asking them their secrets for staying healthy and in shape.  Now, I always watched whatever I put in my mouth, so eating healthy wasn't a stretch, but...I have to admit I stashed the granola bar I was eating and ran to Dr. Oz....more

Getting Your "Self" Back: Step #3: Get Rid of the Human Toxins!

   Every day, we are bombarded with advice on how to remove the toxins from our life:  They are in our make up, they are in our food, and they are growing in our walls.  They are the venomous pollutants in our air, they are secretly hiding in our sugar and concealed in our bread.  They are the noxious silver in our teeth, the destructive killers in our carbs, the embalming fluid in our soda, and the poisonous caffeine in our morning coffee.  We need to get rid of toxins….....more

Getting Your "Self" Back: Step # 2: The Art of Positive Googling

I am a changed woman. I am now a positive googler.Goodbye tear-inducing, sad stories.Goodbye misery.Goodbye complaints and asking us  if we feel feel bad, too.Goodbye stories of drug interactions that went horribly wrongGoodbye online “clubs” for you to share your daily heartache.Goodbye victims.Goodbye “Why Me?”I get it.  You find comfort in sharing these stories.  I wish I did.  I do not.I am a now positive googler...more

Getting Your"Self" Back: Step #1: Playing The Victim is for Sissies!

It was so simple. It was so perfect. It was the best thing he could have said.My favorite doctor, Dr. M.I had spent the last few months feeling sorry for myself and living on drugs that I was assured would help me. And, often, they did. So, when I had bad days, I asked for more....more

My RA Blog: I’m Losing Me and I Want Me Back!

"Honey, wake up. I'm having trouble opening up my hands.  My fingers are stiff."  I tapped my husband but he wouldn’t budge.  It's the strangest you think it was the golf?"Babe, wake up….that thing with my hands is happening's like my fingers are hard; they are stiff.  I was thinking, it's probably that time I fell off the bike.  You know, I've never been right since then.”...more

Get Up Get Out of Bed!

 Get Up..Get Out of Bed…It's 1987….....more