Dear Hollywood, Are You Trying to Give Me a Lap Dance? Why I Detest 3-D Movies

Recently, I ventured out to see the summer hit Captain America. My daughter who had preceded me to the ticket counter ran over and whispered "Mom, bad news. It's that 3D stuff you hate."...more

When Blinding Hatred Meets Firearms : The Oslo Tragedy

On an ordinary summer day in Norway, a man detonated a bomb in downtown Oslo. The target was a government building which housed the office of the Prime Minister. Afterward, the perpetrator traveled the island of Utoya, where a summer camp was being conducted by the youth division of the Labour Party. Dressed as a police officer, he lured and systematically gunned down more than 75 people, most of them youth. He chased others who sought to escape by water. By Saturday morning, the Telegraph was showing bodies littered on the embankment. Stomachs exposed, shirts bloodied, limbs askew....more

Can We Afford to Be This Cheap?

Recently, I went shopping for gift sweaters for my son and my father.  After visiting Lord and Taylor, and not finding the correct combinations of colors and sizes, I headed over to Filenes Basement. There, neon colored sale signs led me to discounted merchandise. They served like a steady path of  cookies crumbs left by Hansel and Gretel. ...more

Borders Book Stores Dead

It's official. Borders bookstore is dead broke, adios bankrupt goodbye. Rescue talks over the weekend failed. 399 more stores will be shuttered and 10,700 employees will lose their jobs. And me, I'm sad....more

Receiving the "goodbye" email from Borders was very sad for me. Yes, it is the new reality and I ...more

Farewell Harry Potter

I read my first Harry Potter Book in the Portland Maine Jetport. I was returning home from a a college board of trustees meeting. There, we raised tuition, talked about sexism in fraternities and the cost of heating a campus where snow could commence as early as November and linger until April.  Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone was my fly by night gift to myself, a simple impulse buy along with an Oh Henry candy bar.  I opened it in the terminal and never stopped reading....more

10 Things I Confess I Do Not Understand from Garden Gnomes to Viagra Commercials.

10 Things I Confess I Do Not Understand1. Women who wear those sweat pants with the word JUICY emblazoned across the rear end. Really?!?2. Pringles Potato Chips, all flavors. It's like the IKEA furniture design team got a hold of some bad weed, smoked it, then poured open a box of  dried potato flakes, a box of Morton's salt, tap water and mucked around in a test kitchen for 24 hours.3. Garden gnomes ...more

Red Faced and Angry: 7 Things the Casey Anthony Trial and Verdict Should Tell You

1. Evil Exists. It always has; it still does. What actually happened to Caylee Anthony is a mystery, but this is not.  A child barely out of infancy lost her life at negligent or murderous hands. Another human being packaged her up and left her body in woods to decompose, and it did. Ravaged by maggots, flies and woodland animals, Caylee was ultimately treated like garbage. Welcome to evil....more

Getting to Know Dad, Finally: A Fathers Day Tribute

It's 3 a.m. and it's raining, the kind of rain that stabs the pavement with noisy diagonal needles. The telephone rings. This should be a horror movie but it's not. ...more

Walk this Wing (...or how a fantasy almost got me rejected by Harvard)

Walk this Wing (...or how a fantasy almost got me rejected by Harvard)...more

Tattoo Me Stupid