What they say and what it means !

 The Weather Bureau: Light to medium showers = Heavy downpour   Any customer care call centre: Your call is important to us. Please stay on the line. We will attend to you shortly. = We don’t care a hoot about your call. Please stay on the line to benefit your mobile service provider. We may or may not attend to you before you wait in desperation for a good fifteen minutes and then hang up....more

You can’t help but howl with laughter when…

…you and your friend are sitting at her house chatting when suddenly her mother bursts into the room saying, “Its beginning to rain. Come quickly to the terrace. We must remove our clothes.”(remove our clothes from the clothes-line where they are drying or else they’ll get wet in the rains, she meant) …you walk into a toy store to buy something for your three-year-old nephew when a man who’s already looking at some stuff says something to the salesperson and suddenly the salesperson shouts out to another, “Sir wants big balls…show him some”...more

The Secret Keeper

This is what my pseudonym should be actually. I am the best you could find. If anybody entrusts me with a secret, they can rest assured that it will never be revealed unless and until they expressly ask me to. On the one hand, this takes your credibility way up and your esteem in everybody’s eyes is always high. On the other, it means that you can frequently find yourself in really tricky situations and your acting skills are tested to the limits. ...more

TH is off to Dubai…

for shows of a play in which he has composed the background score, has designed the lights and will operate it for this show and has designed the set. So I asked him to bring back petrol. Somebody had recently told me that the petrol price works out to approximately Rs. 13/- inDubai. Compare that to the Rs. 78/- here in Pune and you’ll see why. ...more

At the risk of getting laughed at...

I must share this incident. It happened for the second time today, but since I was alone, I was saved of some embarrassment. So, naturally, I am compelled to share the similar but more embarrassing incident that happened a few weeks ago. ...more

The amazing human brain !

In our world of theatre, I always experience the amazing complexity of the human brain....more

How do I feel about new people jumping into my life ?

Until quite recently, my first feeling when new people jumped into my life was - "Attention!" (as in the position that soldiers are supposed to stand in during inspections or before they begin marching). I am no longer that 'jumpy' around new people, but still I'm initially somewhat guarded. ...more


I feel as if my life’s a play and I’m simultaneously acting in it and watching itI wonder if I really am or is this just one big elaborate dreamI imagine living various lives in alternate universes by making a single different choice in each lifeI long to be truly free - of everything and everybody – even though I have a happy life ...more
Yes!  So do we all, to "fly away"!  http://www.blogher.com/f-flight more

This one’s for my dear un-romantic friend who hates the rains

The rains are here and that means… …Hot tea and pakoras (fritters) enjoyed over conversations with fun friends …Getting drenched to the bone on the way home and changing into warm, dry clothes and drinking hot chocolate …Wading through the water and jumping unexpectedly to splash some water on your friend …Sitting by the window with a book in hand, staring at the rains and not turning a single page …The clean and bright look of the sky after the rains ...more

A day in the life of…

I'm nobody big. So it is highly unlikely that 'A day in the life of' feature would be done with me. And yet if you were to take a look at the last three days of my life, you'll find that they were about as alike as chalk and cheese. Day before yesterday I was in office, processing the payroll, making business calls, doing documentation. Yesterday I was rehearsing and performing. Today I spent the day at the hospital with my poor friend who and her husband are down with a severe case of food poisoning. ...more