Mixed Potato and Rosemary Roast (Vegan)

No weekend...more

Friendsgiving 2014

Last weekend, we crammed 18 friends into our apartment to drink, chat, and share a meal together. Not just any meal, but a big, warm Friendsgiving...more

My Vegetarian Kedgeree

2014 has been a year of resourceful cooking in our home. As often as possible I ask myself, ‘what can I make with what I already have, or that requires minimal spending?’ One recent answer to this...more

Chocolate Olive Oil Cake with Salted Chocolate Ganache

I’m a bit no-BS in the cake department. Priority #1 is satisfaction....more

Going back/Coming back

It’s hard to explain what putting on an enormous arts festival is like. It sounds like a lot of fun and glamour, and in many ways, it is. There are parties, and some of the best conversations imaginable....more

Melbourne Writers Festival 2014

Hello, hello! While speaking about food writing at Emerging Writers Festival earlier this year, I described working in the festival world as “extremely full time.” (Did I mention my boss was there? It’s cool, she tweeted it) ....more

My Grilled Cheese, Volume 1

Jase and I share a car, but today our little hatchback was all mine. Predictably, the first place I went was the suburban Middle Eastern grocer that I love but can’t get to by bike or tram. I’m planning a post on the staples I brought home, by the way, but first let’s focus on what’s important ....more

Cashew Baklava Fingers for Eid

Eid marks the end of Ramadan, a month of fasting (from food and vice, like Lent), reflection, goodwill to others, and togetherness. Each day, Muslims fast from dawn to sunset, waking up very early for suhoor (pre-dawn meal) and only breaking for food and drink for iftar (evening meal) after the sun goes down. Perhaps it’s the introspective nature of Ramadan that makes traditional foods a popular choice at iftar tables across the globe ....more

Mixed Mushroom and Tarragon Fettuccine

When Australian Mushroom Growers said they’d be sending over a box of mushrooms for me to play with, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I would have been happy with anything – I adore mushrooms and it goes without saying that eating locally is important to me. What I definitely wasn’t expecting was this ridiculously beautiful box that landed on my desk ....more

Kitchen Quickie: Mixed Berry & Rose Milkshake

Some of the best recipes are the quickest. This is one of my most loved. Fruit smoothies or milkshakes are a staple in our diets ....more