A Lighter Holiday Treat

Happy holidays! If you’ve been feeling stuffed from holiday parties and Reese’s Christmas trees, this recipe is for you. My latest recipe on...more

Sweet & Spicy Pineapple Cornbread

Happy week after Thanksgiving! I don’t have an online sale or coupon code to share this Cyber Monday but I do have a darn good cornbread recipe. Stonyfield asked their Clean Plate Club to make a side better with yogurt ....more

Healthy Pumpkin Lentil Soup

This summer I spent very little time cooking and baking. For me Fall squashes and pumpkin spice make much more exciting recipes. When Stonyfield asked their Clean Plate Club bloggers to make a recipe using Bob’s Red Mill‘s lentils, I knew I wanted it to use...more

A Healthier Peaches And Cream

Summer is good for many things like kickball, cookouts, and beach days. It hasn’t been great for posting new recipes. 7 weeks later and I finally have something new to share–a new recipe on Life By Dailyburn...more

Tazo Thai Iced Tea

Some of my favorite food in the Summer comes from street festivals. Why go to one restaurant and sit down when you can pick and choose a meal from different carts on a nice Summer day?...more

Raw Brownies With Avocado Frosting

As much as I don’t like the cold, Winter and Fall are some of the best baking months because there’s sometimes nothing to do but stay in and sit next to the heater. Now that Spring’s here and the heat waves, too,...more

Oh My Yog!

This month Stonyfield offered everyone in their Clean Plate Club the opportunity to try their new line of yogurts. Since I...more

Easy Lemon Buttercream

One of the best parts about living in NYC is that there are now vending machines where you can get cupcakes. It’s dangerously convenient for anyone. They have 1 gluten-free option, a red velvet with cream cheese frosting, that’s completely delicious ....more

5 Gluten-Free Easter Desserts

Easter’s not a holiday that’s know for its desserts. That’s probably because after too many Peeps and lackluster...more

Healthy Vegetable Chickpea Salad

As quick as the weather changes, so do taste buds. After weeks of snow and cold, the weather here has skyrocketed to the 50s and the streets are full of melting snowbanks. Instead of being just another barrier to speed-walk past in the cold, the open air vegetable stalls are suddenly more inviting to stop and pick up new ingredients ....more