The Dos and Don'ts of Racing Season

Spring is finally here! Along with spring, comes a slew of running races.  Thinking about signing up for a race this year?  Here are few do’s and don’ts of racing season.Do Sign Up Early...more

There Is No 'After' Photo

Pictures can send powerful messages.  You’ve probably seen your fair share of ‘Before’ and ‘After’ photos showcasing transformed physiques.  I know I have seen plenty of them on television or in a magazine.  These photos can be motivating.  It’s pretty inspiring to see how someone turned themselves into a chiseled art form, and then proudly displays their progress saying, “Look at what I did! You can do it too!”...more

Where Do I Begin?

Where do I begin?  I thought I had some good news to share.  It was beautiful and exciting. I knew you would be excited with me. I knew you would say “Congratulations” and share a smile.  But now everything has changed.  How do I say I used to pregnant, but now I’m not? How do I tell you that something so wonderful turned so tragic?  Where do I begin?...more

My Running Medals

I have something to admit: I have felt a twinge of silliness after finishing a race and wearing a medal around my neck.  After all, I am an adult and I don’t really need a congratulatory medal to tell me “good job”.   In addition, with the exception of a few 5k medals where I won my age group, all my medals are “finisher’s medals”.  I often wondered, “Do I deserve a medal for just ‘finishing’ something I started?...more

I Can't Share Your Joy

I see the updates. I see the newly posted pictures of a growing belly. I see the pictures of a nursery that was tirelessly decorated. I have the same pictures. But you’ll never see them. It’s not because I’m ashamed of my belly or because I’m an awful painter or decorator. It’s because I didn't get the happy ending. My baby left me at just twelve weeks pregnant. ...more For me, the holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas only really made me feel worse ...more

Leaving a Legacy

There is the well-known saying that, "All roads lead to Rome." This past spring I found myself in that exact location. My husband and I had embarked on a 12-day European tour and it was coming to an end. On our last full day in Rome we decided to tour the Vatican Museums. We walked the ancient Roman roads until we reached the Vatican City. Once inside the museum I found myself gazing at the mummy of an Egyptian woman. As I gazed at her in the glass enclosure I had one overwhelming thought, "I'm going to die."...more

What We Can Learn From European Women

The oversized purse, the perfect manicure and the cell phoned pressed against one’s ear are all trademarks of the American-made female.  It’s true that in America our range of beauty supplies, clothing options and array of technologies seem endless.  But what can we learn from our female counterparts across the pond? They are seemingly dong more with less.  Even without a walk-in closet and a slew of Apple products, when European women hit the streets, they are doing it with style and ease. Here are a few things we can learn from European women....more

Your Thighs Are Huge

I was basking in the sun on the Delaware beaches.  I had just completed my first 5k and had even won my age group.  In between dips into the ocean, I found myself discussing my accomplishment to a man and woman who had also ran the race.  I told them how I was so excited to complete my first 5k because I had been a sprinter in high school and at one time could have only dr...more

I'm on the Bandwagon: CrossFit

I started to hear the word "CrossFit" about five years ago. I didn't know much about it except the workouts were grueling and it involved equipment that you wouldn't find at your traditional gym.CrossFit also maintains a website where you can find workouts and watch demonstration videos. I was able to find some workouts that didn't require equipment and I tried them out in my backyard. They were short, but intense, and it was a nice change compared to long distance running....more

How I Packed Just A Backpack For Europe

When my husband decided to travel to Europe for our vacation this year I knew I was going to have to pack light. Traveling to four cities in two weeks wasn't going to allow for a large wardrobe. He purchased Oakley backpacks for each of us to take on our trip. That's right; a backpack for two weeks in Europe. Now we weren't camping or even staying in hostels, but to survive four flights, four train rides, taxi and shuttle rides, two mile walks to a train station and a water boat taxi, I knew the backpack was my best bet....more
JillR Thank you!  I will have to check it out!  I would love to go to Ireland!  My backpack has ...more