I wouldn't say

I wouldn't say I'm particularly drawn to pastel/Easter hues, but it got me thinking -- why not wear such light, subtle hues in the dark days of winter?...more

Mixed Plate: Whew... I Need to Catch My Breath...

I'm the last person to have a moment of pause for the cause of Sportsing. But... HOLYOMFGCRAP!! ...more

I'm sure by

I'm sure by now, most of you have either binge-listened or at least heard of the podcast phenomena that is Serial. Birthed from the wonderful nerdtopia radio series This American Life, Serial focuses on a single story, reexamining the details and the people involved, done with the intent of providing fresh new answers. Inevitably, it creates more questions and gives us all plenty to talk about ....more

UnRecipe: I Like Fresh Buns (and I Cannot Lie)

I know I should be writing about New Years diets or cleanses or anything with a hashtag and "for the glow." But I won't. Nope. Not gonna do it ....more

No it's not

No, it's not Valentine's Day (yet) but here's to ringing in the new year with luck and prosperity - paint the town RED....more

UnRecipe: Cook Whatcha Got

A new year often prompts a bit of reflection. I'll keep my reflective thoughts specific to this blog, but I realized how much my personal cooking behavior has changed since starting the blog many years ago (2008/2009 - whew, that's a lot of posts). The nice thing about cooking is that repetition pretty much guarantees improvement ....more

No matter how

No matter how you celebrate the season, I wish you all kind holiday greetings....more

OMG a Recipe: Holiday Eats and Treats on the Move!

I admit, I'm remiss on the holiday hoopla on the blog this year, not that we haven't decorated the house or put up a tree -- the house is festooned with festive-ness! I just haven't had a chance to take proper photos and post accordingly, but feel free to peek at our holiday shenanigans on my Instagram feed. I will share some of the resources for my holiday eats -- this year has been busy with ...more

I won't stress

I won't stress you out over listing the dwindling days till Christmas, but we all know it's coming down to the wire -- ARE ALL YOUR GIFTS BOUGHT AND READY TO RUMBLE???...more

FoodTrek: Get Whisked Awhay to Whistler for a Wheekend!

Whistler for a weekend?! Don't forget Wil Wheaton and Wheat Thins! It's rare that I get to use the so-often underused letter "W," so pardon my enthusiasm ....more