Letter to my Heart: And I will try, too

Be not afraid, my heart You are rich, thicker than you think with cords of red and purple velvet support they will not bind you are there to cushion, should you let them You are not made of construction paper cut neatly with plastic scissors along the arc You are not sugarwafer Nor stamped with a message to advertise impressing on your organs and your soul ...more

X365: blogging your love and your break ups in 100 words or less.

In honor of Valentine's Day, and in preparation for finally getting back to my book, "Red Line to Dumpsville: my year of dating in Washington, DC" I'm thinking about all the men I've loved (and my girlfriends have loved. and hated) before and I want to know... what are yourr best/worst love/hate stories? In a twist, I'm combining with favorite writing exercise, x365, in which you write each day on a person you've encountered in the number of words of your age (36 in my case). It's easier to show than tell, so here we go.  ******* ...more

Mommy-tracking? Real or not?

Am I completely, completely evil, to resent the new “New Parent” Community of Practice,” (CoP)set up to “help new parents and managers navigate work/life balance”?   Behind the scenes I was told that the “problem”  that new parents wish to see addressed in this new CoP is the “mommy tracking”: the fact that they are “kept from promotions because of their parental status.” ...more

Freedom's just another word (on independence and ... dependence)

Happy Independence Day. In honor of the day, I've been thinking a lot about independence and dependence and how to have both in a relationship, in a life. I'm blogging about it here. I've curious what you think. ...more

"Independence is the easy part"

With Independence Day rolling around, I'm thinking about independence and dependence. Webster's notes that "depend" is from the Latin "to hang from"  and so I have wondered does loving, depending mean you have to hang from? In college I was sure depending was a bad thing, a way to lose yourself. Now, I'm not so sure - there's a beauty to depending, and a wonder about being depended on. ...more

wow - love the new look!

Hey, just a short note to say "WOW" - i haven't been on the site in a few days (maybe a week) and I'm totally impressed. rock on! it looks great! ...more

twitter me this | del.icio.us me that. washwords is.... confused.

I was reading a great article on publishing2.com about the proliferation of the SAME news article out there 10 zillion times. I'm similarly overwhelmed by the wonderful but terrifying abundance of web/media tools out there. For a newbie/researcher at heart, this is a crazy ride!   I'm blogging about it here and would LOVE to hear what you think/use. Help!  ...more

gross behavior - don't tell mom.

sometimes i do the grossest things.  I think I just hit a new low.  I bought (i kid you not), in a package, from the "prepared foods" fridge, a package... of steamed (to be steamed) pork buns from .... 7 -11. And I ate them.   Please don't tell my mom. or grandma. or ANY ex-bf, I may have led to believe I was svelte and ever-hip now.   And please DO tell me yours. I need to cleanse myself in someone else's sinful behavior now. p.s. they were good.  http://washwords.wordpress.com  ...more

W A S H W O R D S - dc area blogger

Like the bursting out of the spring time, the blogosphere is blooming before me. A longtime flirt (tease maybe), I considered, even started this blog half a dozen times or so before finally making it "real," thanks in large part to my pal, Soupy Meg. ...more


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W A S H W O R D S - dc area blogger

Hi all - I am the editor/author of W A S H W O R D S, a blog covering my words, wonderings, and wanderings in Washington, D.C. In a past life, I was an award-winning journalist and I still have a day job as a writer/editor with the government. But I see this blog (which I'm trying to keep somewhat anonymous) as expressing my more personal, creative writing side. It contains my observations on words (writing) and Wash(ington DC) as well as some other things. ...more