Our youngest daughter has become a bit of a thrill-seeker after spending a semester in South America last year. Plus, she's the youngest child, so you can do with that what you will. Anyway, as she's between her junior and senior year in college, she needed an internship to add to her resume ....more


Last year we bought an oriole feeder and we learned all about how the orioles migrate and how to attract them. We put the feeder out last Spring and Fall, hoping that one day the little orange guys would spy our feeder and pay us a visit. Well, last week "one day" arrived ....more

Such Fragile Little Lives

Last summer we were treated to two downy woodpecker chicks that were not long out of the nest. They followed their mama to our bird feeders and we laughed as they struggled to land, to hang onto the slippery metal pole, and to take off again. They had all the basic techniques, but nothing was graceful yet ....more

Finishing Winter Out West, Part TWO

This was the first time I had the chance to visit my son and his wife as a married couple. They have this fantastic house on the northwest side of the gigantic city of Phoenix. Their development sits, literally, just on the edge of the desert, although the desert around them is being developed and soon their area will be swallowed up by what is the greater Phoenix area ....more

Finishing Winter Out West, Part ONE

I have the good fortune of having family members out west, so if I can swing a flight to San Diego or Phoenix (or Portland OR, though it's not as warm there) then I have a place to stay and family to see. So in early March, I flew west to spend the last of our official winter thawing out. San Diego is lovely at this time of the year ....more

Snowfall at the Seashore

I have good news. (Imagine that you're reading the next phrase in a guarded whisper...)The whole every-three-days snowstorm plan seems to be winding down. If you hold me to that, I'll deny ever saying it ....more


So we're still on the 3-day pattern with the snowstorms. STILL. We dodged a bullet this past Sunday when the oh-so-accurate weather guys forecasted an 18-24 inch blizzard, but all we got was an inch and some wind ....more

Ok, Who's the Wise-Guy that's been singing "Let it Snow?"

Yes, this is Maine and yes, we get lots of snow in the wintertime. Especially January and February. But this is overkill ....more


So we've gotten a little crazy with the bird feeders. But hey, wintertime in Maine is long and cold, so you do what you have to do to stay entertained. Nothing like staying indoors where it's warm and still being able to see nature in action ....more

Turning 21

Our youngest is now 21, which means all my kids are full-on adults. Yet, when we went our dear daughter out with her boyfriend to pick out a birthday cake, she had something written on it that in all likelihood, we wouldn't have chosen. Still.. ....more