Pullups Madrinas del Baño

I have an announcement. I know, you’re waiting in breathless anticipation, right? I am delighted to announce that I am participating in the Pullups Madrinas del Baño campaign! In this campaign, I will have an opportunity to learn from two outstanding Hispanic potty training authorities, Dr. Andres Cotton and Jeannette Kaplun. Dr ....more

Liebster Award

This morning I was choosen as one of the bloggers mentioned by Rachel from To Hab and To Hold after she received the Liebster Award from Slightly Off Kilter. I was also chosen as one of the bloggers mentioned by Pam from PAMdemonium after she received the award from To Hab and To Hold ....more

Eating Like a Diabetic

If you’ve not been following along on  Facebook (and why aren’t you?!), then it might surprise you to hear that I have lost 20 pounds since applying for the Mamavation bootcamp ....more

Learning The Process – Mamavation Checkup

My dear readers, I know you supported me during my quest to become a Mamavation Mom, and you may be wondering where the Mamavation Monday posts have been the last couple of weeks ....more

The 3 Best Couch 2 5k Podcast Sites

If you knew me in high school or before, then you would know how much I very much detested running in all its forms. Yet now, you may have noticed on Facebook or Twitter than I’m crunching out the Couch 2 5k program. Weird, right? Totally unlike me? ...more

10 Reasons You Should Work Out Today

Do you ever have “discussions” with yourself about why you should work out? I don’t know about you, but sometimes the hardest part of working out is getting started. It is SO easy to make excuses for ourselves and give ourselves an “out” to not exercise on any given day ....more

KickButtImmunity Project

Hello again, dear reader! It’s time we meet with Dr. Michael Wald again ....more

Stretch Island Fruit Strips: Non-GMO Pre-Workout Snack (and Valentine!)

We recently discovered that my oldest son has another food issue – this time with Red 40. While it’s a dye that is pretty common in candies and processed foods, it took us a while to find out about it because he just doesn’t have those foods very often ....more

Family Fitness – What do you do in the winter?

Today is the official start of Mamavation Campaign 15 ....more

15 Tips for a Healthy Winter from Dr. Michael Wald aka Blood Detective

Happy Saturday dear readers! As you may have noticed from all of my health and fitness posts lately, I’ve taken the leap to building a healthier family through nutrition and exercise ....more