Danny in Charge

The following article appears in the September edition of Chicago Parent magazine. There are sweet moments in time parents wish to retain forever....more

The Contest: Week 13 - Post Its

For Week 13 of The Contest, I had a hard time remembering who I wrote. I should have put it on a Post-It. Oh, wait ....more

Crack Dealers Got Nothin' on Build-a-Bear

The time we were lucky to escape with milk money at Build-a-Bear, click HERE for today's Chicago Parent. Too bad the kid loves the joint....more

The Monkees, Micky Dolenz & Me

I grew up in a family with four kids, so naturally...more

The Contest: Week 12 - JanSport School Bags

Just in time for back-to-school, I decided to profess my admiration...more

Sending Kids Back to School with a Message

In today's Chicago Parent, I felt it was the right time to talk to my kids about more than just doing homework and behaving in school. Heading back to school can be traumatic for many parents and children. Read about it HERE ....more

The Contest - Week 11: Little Trees for the Lead!

When Andrea and I started The Contest, neither one of us was a stickler for deadlines, response times, or firm rules....more

The Contest - Week 10: Ped Egg

Yes, it's that time again....more

Short in the Tooth

I wrote about how rough and tumble boys can be HERE and then this happened: Kid cracked his tooth off (again) by WALKING into another kid. Based on the laws of...more

Monkey Love

The following appears in the August edition of Chicago Parent magazine...more