Life Updates

Hello, hello! Wow, it’s crazy to see that the last time I blogged was July 31. A LOT has happened since then and my mind has been elsewhere ....more

Random Wednesday

Good morning everyone! This post is going to be a super fun bullet point post since my mind is everywhere this morning. As we speak, I am enjoying a tasty cinnamon bun from Elmwood Bakery in Lakewood ....more

Florida, Part 4: Saying Yes

Todd’s uncle has a few condos/apartments on Siesta Key Beach, Florida. Last year, when we were visiting, he showed us a really nice apartment that directly overlooks the beach. I remember whispering to Todd that I hoped we could someday stay there because the view was so spectacular ....more

Florida, Part 3: Kayaking in Placida

Hello, Before I go into Part 3 of our Florida trip, I first wanted to say a friendly HELLO to anyone I may meet at BlogHer this weekend. I am here for the week, visiting my sister, Valerie, and friend, Nidhi. It’s my first time attending a BlogHer conference and I’m just a tad nervous and overwhelmed Registration is tonight and I’m so excited! ...more

Florida, Part 2: Top Ate Eating and Drinking Moments in Disney World

Hello everyone! It’s time to recap our Disney World trip. Man oh man, I have so many things to say about Disney! ...more

Florida, Part 1: Deep Sea Fishing and a Wedding in Naples

Hello everyone! I hope you all are doing well. Since I returned from my Florida trip, a lot has happened and therefore, I’ve been really busy and a little overwhelmed with life {in a good way!} ....more

Growing Up Too Fast

I sound SO CLICHE by saying this, but my niece and nephew are growing up WAY too fast. They both celebrated birthdays in the past couple weeks. Liam just turned five and Violet turned two ....more


While walking on Siesta Key Beach at sunset last night, Todd got down on one knee and asked me a very important question… …and I said “Yes!!!!” I cannot stop smiling! Love to you all, Julie Pin It ...more

Luau on the Lake 2013 GIVEAWAY!

What are your basic needs? Like most people, my basic needs are clothes, food, water, and shelter. Sometimes, when I think about my mediocre problems and obstacles that I face in my life, I remind myself how lucky I am ....more

Crystal’s Bridal Shower

Recently, we celebrated one of the kindest, and most genuine person I know, my friend Crystal. Since Crystal writes a food blog and is all around obsessed with high quality food, I knew to come on an empty stomach in order to indulge in the food, glorious food {any other Olive Twist fans out there?}. From pastries to bacon {!!} and eggs to cucumber infused water, Crystal’s shower was a food lovers dream ....more