Key Q&A to Understanding Klout

Recently I wrote an article about using Klout score as a guide to screen bloggers and brand ambassadors. As a result our readers had many unanswered questions. I have asked Social Media Specialist and Klout evangelist Miriam Slozberg to help me answer these questions and to clarify some of your concerns about Klout. Here goes:...more

What Is My Klout Score and Who Cares?

We do!I was asked yesterday during a Twitter Chat that I religiously follow called #blogchat to write a blog about why I see Klout as a benefit....more

Facebook’s New Face Lift

Did you see the Facebook updated look yet? Yep, it’s happened again they now have a new look that will probably affect your branded pages. The app is striving to make things easier for users and businesses....more

In Moms We Trust – Strategic Marketing Via Bloggers

Do you work with bloggers? Are you not quite sure they are a fit for your company? Many of our clients have an initial knee jerk reaction to the term “Mom Blogger.” We tell them all that it’s only a matter of time before they too will jump on the bandwagon. By ignoring this powerful marketing avenue you are loosing a huge opportunity to build viral impressions for your brand....more

Why Social Marketers NEED Online Marketing Certification

The short answer… for CREDIBILITY! Accountants have a certification; lawyers have the bar and professors have a PhD; so why can’t we get a certification for online marketing?The Myth: There are many “gurus” and “experts” in the online marketing business today. It seems like anybody can do social media marketing. All you need to do is be a millennial or grow up with technology or know how to manage a Facebook page. Not!...more

Facebook “Likes” – Quality vs Quantity

How important is a Facebook “like”, really? As social media marketing becomes more mainstream brands still put a very high value on “likes” and “follows” as a measure of an agency’s performance. But is this a benchmark for a campaign’s success? Therein lies the question....more

How Selfies Can Boost Your Brand This Holiday Season!

Selfies have become all the rage in 2013. They even have a place in our society with a reference in the Oxford Dictionary as the international word of the year.You probably know what a selfie is by now, but just in case you have never heard of such a thing. Here is how it appears in the Dictionary:...more

Sharing Is Caring: Tips to Make Your Brand Social Media “Friendly”!

How do you make a brand  social media “friendly”? What a strange question. If I suggested this to a client a few years ago, I would have been laughed out of his office. In the social media world, however, we all are aware that we have to “humanize” a brand.  This is probably one of the most difficult tasks a brand is faced with, especially if it is B2B or has to show a very professional image. In this article I will show you some techniques we use for making our clients’ brands more “friendly”.People will be people in how they react...more

Facts About Grey Thursday Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

Thanksgiving signifies a time of year where people gather with their families and reflect upon what they’re thankful for. It’s also fast becoming a major shopping weekend with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the introduction of Grey Thursday. Today I will share some interesting facts about the weekend shopping rush and how it all got started....more

Social Media Gives Back to the Victims of Typhoon Haiyan

It’s that time of the year when we all give thanks. We also take the time to remember the less fortunate like the victims of the Typhoon Haiyan. When a tragedy of this magnitude occurs, we must always be thankful for what we have. I would like to share some the social media platforms that are offering to give back on this day of thanks… and remember… sharing is caring....more