More Music in Austin

I am lucky that I get to meet amazing babies, parents and WeeHands Instructors from across North America. Who know that that the wee songs that created when my little ones were babies would be sung and signed by parents across the continent!...more

Will Signing Delay Speech?

by Heather LoBrutto and Sara Bingham Sign with young children was introduce to the popular world about ten years ago, although Deaf families in North America have been signing with their Deaf and hearing children for over a hundred years. The question will signing with my baby delay speech still comes up. ...more

Using Sign Language with Children with Down Sydrome

Using sign language with children with Down syndrome can enhance communication and make life a lot more fun for everyone. Many children with Down syndrome have some degree of speech delay. This makes it difficult for your child, as well as his caregivers, to understand and communicate with each other. ...more

Marlee Matlin Teaming Up with WeeHands Co-Producer for Music Video

I am so, so proud of Sean Forbes, co-founder of D-PAN (the Deaf Professional Arts Network)!  In March 2010, D-PAN and WeeHands produced our WeeHands first DVD, WeeHands At Home, and now almost a year later Sean has spent this past week on set again in Detroit, dancing the mambo with Marlee Matlin! ...more

Signing After Speech

First foods, first steps and first words are important milestones in any baby’s life. For parents who are signing with their babies, the first sign is also a monumental moment. I remember Joshua and Sabrina’s first signs very clearly. Joshua signed ‘fish’ at 9 months of age while Sabrina’s first sign was a mischievous ‘no’ at 11 months of age. At the same time, new moms often ask “My baby is 11 months old, is it too late to start signing with her?”...more

Ear Infections and Sign Language

With the winter months upon us, it means that cold season is on its way. This may be a time when middle ear infections are on the rise with our little ones as well. The first 4 years of life are critical for the development of language. Early literacy skills also start to develop during this time. Information regarding ear infections and speech and language development is important for parents. Can the use of American Sign Language help during cold and ear infection season? Yes! ...more

...teacher of the deaf, and mom to a four-year-old whom we just took to get his second set of ...more