Bad Hair Days

I remember my friend calling me many times, but a few times when she called she would say, "Lori, I read t...more


This morning's post is very simple, but quite profound. Many of us.....even those who know better......think of the "church" as a building. However, it's NOT! God never intended for it to be, either! Would He have sent His Son to die on the cross for a building? No! Absolutely not! Jesus died on the cross for YOU and for ME!If you are part of God's family - one of His children - then YOU are the church!! A quote from our preacher Sunday morning reminded us, "Don't allow the church to be a building any more!"...more

Parents Be Aware: The Problem with SnapChat

Technology has opened up so many new windows of opportunities to do things.  Even by this blog I have met so many wonderful people all around the country!  Last week a young lady from New York wrote about some decorations I had shown in a post.  Now I am going to be helping her decorate for her wedding by sending her the decorations!  How neat is that!  ...more

Elf on the Shelf Ideas

It's as much fun for parents and older children to see what their "Elf on the Shelf" has been doing as it is for the younger kids who he is specifically visiting during the month of December.  If you don't have an elf in your family, consider getting one....more


If you're on Facebook you have seen the "awkward moment" posts.  Most of the time they're not really awkward, but people just say they are....more

MLB Birthday Cake

MLB Birthday Cake If you read my devotional blog (Shine Like Stars), you've already seen this cake, but I have to share it with the rest of you....more

'Twas the Night Before School Started

Note: I wrote this poem on August 18, 2010, for the first day of school.  Last year I posted it and so many said they enjoyed it, I decided to make it a yearly "Back to School" tradition!   Thought I would share it with you again.  May all of you have a blessed school year - whether student, teacher, or parent!...more


Yesterday one of my children and I were discussing something and they said something that really made me think. They said how it is very hard for them - as teens - to hear over and over about how bad their generation is, and how the direction of their future, as a whole, seems to be headed in the wrong direction. It seems that some adults - teachers and parents - think that by tearing down hopes and dreams, they will really be building them up and are encouraging the youth they are instructing. NOT SO! Just NOT SO!...more

The Chronicle of Biscuit - "Stop Persecuting Me!"

The Chronicles of Biscuit:  Stories about our youngest son, Tyler, whose nickname is Biscuit. Biscuit's having some trouble t...more

Be Somebody

This past weekend I got a text from my sister.  She was watching her son play little league, kid-pitch baseball and said she had a blog post idea for me.  It seems that when some of the young boys (age11 or so) were up to bat, their parents would yell, "BE SOMEBODY!".  The thought that parents were doing this to their children appalled me, and her, obviously....more