To Juice or Not to Juice —-

That is the question.  I have kept my silence on the topic of juicing because so many around me are just plain passionate about it and as we know, passionate people are just that.  Common sense doesn’t matter.  You just have to move out of the way and let people have their field for play.Getting the equipment...more

The Key to Attainable Goals

One of the wisest women I know – 2 decades older than I am – told me that she had enjoyed the last post of the year on gratitude.  And, she added, “While that’s a good thought, the thought I keep above my computer is about forgiveness.”“Forgiveness of myself comes first,” she said....more

Getting to Gratitude and Happiness

 Gratitude.  It’s so much of what the holiday season is about – and if we’re lucky and intentional – we create ways of showing our gratitude for the life we have throughout the year....more

Creating My Gypsy Holiday Art

I’m noticing a lot of grumpiness out there about one holiday treat (at least I think so) that I look forward to year after year.  In fact, as soon as the clock falls back and darkness comes early, I’m up for it.  Can’t wait.  That is, the lights and decorations....more

Buy Stuff and Be Happy!

 Last week’s blog highlighted the holiday dilemma of the retail expectations (buying stuff) at the holidays versus the tradition of being together without breaking the bank.  However, tapping down the commercial aspect of the holidays is not easy.  All the media messages have one theme:  Buy stuff and be happy!  But, for how long is your new found happiness going to last?  The latest research says not that long.  So, how do you create a low-key approach to holiday gift-giving?Here are 4 ideas that our family has used over the years....more

Ca-Ching Go the Holidays! or Retail Ranting

As we enter the holiday season, I am more focused than ever on making sure that our family and friends know that what’s important to us is being together.  Period....more

How Do You Mend a Broken Heart?

With Thanksgiving only a week away, here’s a reminder about how to help mend a broken heart at holiday time Remember, if I can do it, you can too....more

Is the Relationship with Your Doctor What You Want it To Be?

In a recent survey about better doctor/patient communication, 80% of respondents  said they wanted better communication with their doctors “in sickness AND in health”.  Over half of the respondents also believe that even a simple message from their doctor could have avoided a health problem.I know that I am right there with this group....more

My Scale and Me – Our Changing Relationship

This morning I hopped on the scale for the first time in weeks and realized that all the recent recipe testing had gone unmonitored and wasn’t helping my waistline.It got me thinking — when it comes to managing my weight, what’s the best strategy for weighing in?  In fact, what is the relationship I have with my scale?  Well, quite frankly, it’s one of love/hate.Perhaps you can relate to the relationship stages I’ve had with my scale over the years....more

Celebrate Food DAy

October 24 is Food Day – a chance to participate and celebrate the Real Food movement.This year’s Food Day is even more grassroots-oriented than last year’s.  It’s a  fun way to promote healthy, affordable and sustainable food....more