How Do You Decide Where to Live?

For most of us, where we lived during our childhood was not our decision. We lived where our parents (or other primary caretakers) lived, and that’s that. For some of us, college is the first time when we might have a little bit more choice of where to settle, and once we are financially independent adults, our choices are wider, yet again....more
If i move somewhere i  have following options in my mind. 1- School is near to my house 2- ...more

How to Fix 5 Commonly Overlooked Wedding Expenses

My fiance and I had an eight-year courtship before he proposed, so you can imagine my happiness when he finally got down on bended knee. In addition to the excitement of planning a life with the man I love, however, is the excitement that I suspect every engaged personal finance blogger feels: the number-intensive and post-inspiring realities of creating a wedding budget! ...more
another way to save is to think about what family and friends can offer. If there's a ...more

Five Ways to Save Money on Your Garden

Every year my parents tell me that they want to set up a little garden in their backyard. Every year they worry about the cost of getting started, and then the weeds take over. When my mom brought up the gardening topic yet again, I decided to search for ways that budding gardeners can save some green while planting green....more
I saw a neat idea the other day.  You take rain gutters and cap the ends and hang them on your ...more

Debt Consolidation & Settlement: Worth It?

Debt consolidators and debt settlement companies will charge you a monthly fee or a one-time fee (or both) to administer your loan and help you work out a deal with creditors. Want to know if they're worth it? ...more

2011 Holiday Return Policies

The holiday season –- along with the upcoming post-holiday sales season –- means that consumers are in prime shopping mode. As you stock up on computers, TVs, and handbags for yourself and your friends and family, keep abreast of the different holiday return policies in case you (or the person you gave a gift to) realizes that the item wasn’t quite right. ...more

We Are the Invisible Poor

Did you know that women's poverty rates rose 14.5% last year, the highest level in 17 years? And that more than 7.5 million women are in "extreme poverty," which is defined as having an income under half of the federal poverty guidelines? ...more
I didn't realize that the statistics were that high, but I am not surprised either. Women ...more

7 Money Tips for College Students

College is an exciting time in a young person's life. It is the first time that many folks are learning to become independent. Along with the experience of making new friends, trying out majors, and exploring career paths, however, come the challenges of learning to manage one's personal finances. Here are seven money tips that will help a college student....more

The Financial Impact of Jury Service: Does Civic Duty Cost Too Much?

Last month, I received a jury summons in the mail. I dutifully called in to report myself. I was instructed to come to the courthouse, where I, along with 29 other members, were prompted seated in a courtroom as a potential jury pool. In the courtroom, the presiding judge gave a speech thanking us for showing up, and then emphasized that no one will be dismissed for financial hardship. "We must all make alternate arrangements and financial hardship wouldn't be a reason to be excused," he admonished. But just how much hardship will jury duty cause? So, I started counting the dollars....more
I'm up for jury duty in Nov (deferred from June) and have to travel 1/2 way across the state ...more

Father's Day: Under $50 Gifts for Procrastinators

Father's Day is this Sunday, June 19. What to do if you are, like me, on a budget and on a deadline? The bad news is that we only have one day to find a gift. The good news is that there are gifts that can be acquired in the next 24 hours, and under $50....more

For Father’s Day we gave Our Soldiers: 1000 Free Memberships to ...more

Debit Card Fees: Retailers vs. Banks, But Will Consumers Lose?

There is a fight going on between bankers and merchants over what happens when you swipe your debit card at the grocery store or at the mall. When you make a purchase with your debit card, the retailer has to pay 1% to 2% of the total purchase price to banks. Banks want to keep the fees, merchants want to cut them down. ...more