It's okay to make suggestions for my OCD but...

After I outed myself with my 1 Voice in a Million piece about my OCD-Skin Picking Disorder, I got a lot of feedback from family and friends. I didn't expect the emotional reaction I received. It's not like the scars and scabs suddenly appeared over the last couple of months....more
In truth, I don't know anything about OCD, so there isn't much that I can contribute. I am sorry ...more

1 Voice in a Million - My life with OCD-Skin Picking Disorder

1 Voice in a Million ...more

What Constitutes a Family?

I've been scouring the internet for blogs lately. Thank God for I've found so many fabulous blogs out there. However, so many of them are focused on, well, mommy-hood. Now, I am not totally dissing mommies. Obviously being a mother is one of the most sacred things a woman can do (if you do it right. Octomom, I'm looking at you, yeah, you.) However, I haven't seen too many blogs out there about families that don't have children. Families, like mine, that consist of a loving relationship between two people. I've been wondering why that is....more