Courage to be Part of a Better Story?

These plates may be hot.” she announces as she slides the plates in place.But, before she rushes off to the next table, we ask the question….the question we always ask.We explain that we  are going to pray over our food and ask if she has any needs for us to include in our prayer.Sometimes our particular server may be more surprised than others who have served us. But, our question always interrupts them and causes them to still....more

What Will They Remember?

When your children look back at their childhood, what will they remember about you?What will be your legacy?It may not be what you think.Start with asking your children individually these questions- What does mom like to do best? What does daddy like to do best? What makes mom happy? What makes daddy happy? What makes mom sad? What makes daddy sad?...more

Things Not to Say to My Grieving Friend Sam

It’s ok if people think we’re crazy.Grief is a solitary journey.And it changes us and confuses many people around us (mostly because grief is very misunderstood in our society).And time?Time will not heal this gaping hole in my heart.Image: jillyspoon via Flickr ...more
I was living with my lover for over a year and a half when she passed away. About two weeks ...more