One of the challenges with using open source websites (Gen Plus is created on is that you are a bit more open to hackers.  And hacked I was.  For that past couple of days my site carried a site advisory, that malware was resident on the site.  No more….it’s been cleaned, but it was quite the effort ....more

Whoa…possible LinkedIn password breach

There is an as-yet unconfirmed report that about 6.5 million LinkedIn passwords have been breached.  If you are a LinkedIn user, it’s a good idea to head over to your LinkedIn account and change your password.  Even if the report turns out to be unsubstantiated, there is no point in taking a risk of having your account (and your online rolodex) hacked.  Here’s the article: ....more

“Mom, what do you want for Mother’s Day?”

Every year a week or so before Mother’s Day my daughter asks me what I’d like for my special day. Usually I tell her that every day is Mother’s Day. That I’d like a beautiful card & maybe breakfast in bed. This year my kidlet headed me off at the pass. “Mom, don’t tell me that my love for you its good enough. I want to buy you a GIFT!” ...more

Super Moon

Did you see the moon tonight? If you didn’t realize that the moon was brighter than normal, perhaps you heard more dogs barking  or howling well into the night. Impossible to capture the magic on a smartphone camera, but it took my breath away on this crystal clear night. We owe it to ourselves to marvel at the beauty of our little part of the universe from time to time…no? ...more

The changing world of blog

It’s been an interesting year in electronic evolution.  Blogging to micro-blogging.  Google+ vs. Facebook.  Twitter vs. the world.  PC to iPad to PDA and iPhone4S… ...more

New Year’s Resolutions….there’s an app for that.

It’s not even halfway through Janury yet and almost everyone I know has already started losing their steam on their resolutions.  So, here is some cool stuff to get you all remotivated and tickled pink about getting to your goals.  Yup…there’s an APP for that! Top resolutions? (Totally unscientific…just looking at all the ones that I’ve tried and lost my will on over the years. ) Lose weight.  Check. Exercise more.  (OK…did that one.) Make more money. Check. Spend ...more

Goat Rodeo Sessions …live

January 31st is my daughter’s birthday and I always seek something special on that day.  And I think I’ve just found it.  Due to the technology that allows it,  on Tuesday, January 31st, my daughter and I will attend a virtual concert of The Goat Rodeo Sessions LIVE featuring Yo-Yo Ma, Chris Thile, Edgar Meyer, Stuart Duncan and guest vocalist Aoife O’Donovan ....more

Guest post from About Plastic Surgery

There is a new search site/community board focused on plastic surgery (breast).  At About Plastic Surgery,  you’ll find FAQs on topics from breast augmentation to breast reduction. There is a national surgeon locator and other good information on the topic.  The following advertorial, from the staff at ABS, previews some of the info you’ll find there ....more