Promises, Promises

I promised myself I would make a point to blog here at least once a week when I opened this account. Clearly, I have failed! I'm going to renew that promise tonight, and make good on it. I have a million thoughts in my head but they're so much easier to shoot out in 140 character missives.But that's the lazy thinker's way now isn't it? ;-) Be back soon!...more

The Elephant in the Sanctuary

Before I start, I really want to note I have many devout Christians I count among my closest friends, some of whom inspire me spiritually every single day. I have one friend who is almost a minister (all but ordination, and that's coming this month!) in a large standard protestant denomination, and several other friends who very seriously considered seminary or priesthood....more

Competitive with whom, exactly?

One of the reasons the recent tuition hike by the Charest government has been so controversial is because of the way salaries have gone up in Quebec over the last several years. Leaving aside the shockingly large severance packages being given to parting administrators, the salaries of senior administrators have increased 180% overall and 450% at Concordia University in Montreal alone....more

Parenting's effect on religion and spirituality

A while back some girlfriends and I were talking about how most people we know got more religious or spiritual once they had children. Being involved in church became very important and some of them became total holy rollers.  I'm noticing for me it's had the opposite effect. I'm suddenly incredibly keenly aware of the biology and physiological factors perpetuating life. I look back when my teens were babies, and then back to when I was a young child, and see how fast time has progressed....more