The Case for Having Only One Child

Parenting an only? If so, you’ve probably heard the litany of reasons to have more children. (Haven’t we all?) But there are two sides to every story, and to provide a bit of balance (and humor) to the procreation debate, I’ve written an essay in defense of making your kid an only....more

For Your Viewing Murdertainment

In my prior life, I was a newspaper reporter covering murder trials. One of them involved the murder-for-hire of a Long Bech mother named Lynn Schockner. The case gained national attention because two police officers were actually on the front porch of her home while her throat was being slashed on the back patio ....more

Undoing the Santa Lie

If you have a free moment — Hahahahaha, like anyone has those anymore — head over to the PBS NewsHour site and check out my column about lying to kids about Santa. Although I think there are perfectly good reasons for doing the Santa thing and for NOT doing the Santa thing, I’ve got some advice for those like myself who have entered Santa territory lightly but...more

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World Religion Teacher ‘Pollutes the Minds of Children’ By Telling Them Facts (Damn Him!)

This post was written by Jim Morrison, who teaches World Religion at Red Wing High School in Minnesota. An agnostic, Morrison pushes no specific agenda, neither celebrating nor disparaging...more

‘Me & Dog’: A New Children’s Book About Atheism

It will come as a surprise to absolutely no one that children’s books about atheism are few and far between. Maybe it’s because there are still so few avowed atheists in this country. Or maybe it’s because there’s just so dang little to say about it ....more

A Little Something About Me

Day Three...more

New Blog, New Opportunity, New Terror

Pack your bags, folks. We’re hittin’ the road. As of this week,...more