Unique & Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

I love wrapping presents. In fact, one of my very first jobs was working as the gift-wrapper at The Body Shop during the holiday season! I loved it because I got to wrap gifts all day long, and I smelt absolutely delicious when I got home from work! ...more

The Great Christmas Tree Link-Up 2014

I love seeing everybody’s Christmas trees every year! Last year’s link up was full of some amazing and astounding trees, some were classic, others were full of diy-uniqueness! Have you posted about your tree? ...more

Our Christmas Tree

Our Christmas tree this year has been very much influenced by the nature around us. Looking out the window, we’re surrounding by trees, streams, mountains, and the ocean. Our home is a blank slate, and while I love its’ minimalist feel, I definitely wanted to add a bit of warmth and naturalness to our faux Christmas tree ....more

What makes a good morning?

Mornings always have the tendency to get wild and hectic, especially when something “important” is happening that day! As Christmas approaches, there seems to be more and more “important” things happening, and we seem to spend our mornings shouting at each other to ‘hurry up!’ as we rush out the door just in time to miss the bus! I can’t be the only one to have mornings like this! ...more

Chocolate Mint Smoothie #MyVega

Chocolate and mint. One of my most favourite combinations – especially around Christmas time! I still remember sneaking away with a box of After Eight chocolates when I was little! ...more

Gremlins, the Not-So-Awesome Holiday Movie for Kids

Gizmo from the movie Gremlins via What Culture Some Sunday nights we plop our family down in front of the television and watch a movie. Complete with dark chocolate drizzled sea salt popcorn and orange Jones soda pop in the glass bottles, we decided to watch Gremlins. Apparently, it’s a Christmas movie that even beat out Home Alone on this site’s list of top 50 holiday movies ....more

The Perfect Kids Christmas Tree #TreeClassicsChristmas

I love a beautiful Christmas tree full of sparkling ornaments and bright lights. Every year I see new and different themes and colours used on trees, and I get so inspired to create the most perfect tree. This year we decorated a tree for the kids, using homemade ornaments in bright, colourful felt and painted cardboard stars ....more

Montage Easily Creates Impressive Custom Photo Books

I take hundreds and hundreds of pictures each year, and I’m sure you do, too! I take the time to upload them, sort through them, and keep them filed digitally by year and month. I do this all with the intention of creating photo albums for each year, but I’m about 8 years behind in doing so! ...more

A Gift for the Bearded Man: Wisdom Beard Oil

When my man gets busy with work, he tends to skip shaving his face, and after a couple of weeks of not tending to his face, I joked that he should grow a beard. I think that little comment, along with my fondness for bearded tv characters...more

Have a Merry, Stress-Free Christmas

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful… The days and weeks...more