3-Birthday Weekend in New Mexico: Fiesta!!!

Greetings from Santa Fe! It's been awhile. It's birthday month in my/my husband's families, so we've been busy making all the visitation stops....more

Embracing Country Life

The husband in the Hill Country.As humans, I believe we are on a constant quest to identify meaning in our lives, determine what brings us joy, and work on incorporating more of that into our daily lives. In our modern-day, super-connected world, it can be difficult to tune everything out and tap into our true joys and true selves. We all know this. I am definitely not the first to say these things. I think it is good though to occasionally remind ourselves that we are all works-in-progress - in the best sense of those words. Our paths twist and turn, but ultimately we are all trying to be our best selves we can be at any given moment, and even if we lose our way, we always seek to return to where our hearts fill most full....more

Wicked: 4 Broadway to Real-Life Lessons

Last night my family went to see the touring production of Wicked at the Majestic Theatre in San Antonio. If you have never been to the Majestic, it truly is, well, majestic! (Seriously. Check out the photos on their site!) The theatre is housed in a historic brick building in the middle of downtown San Antonio, a marble and glass ticket box greeting guests. ...more

Sunday Good: In Honor of #IWD2014

Once a week I want to take time to highlight a non-profit organization that is doing amazing work in the community, whether it's locally-based or spans the globe. This space will also serve as an opportunity to keep up-to-date with news from these organizations so that I/we can stay engaged and informed....more

7 Tips for Being on Set

Yesterday my sister was cast in her first Austin Brock/Allen gig as an extra. Today she's on set. (Mum's the word on what they're shooting.) I'm so proud! I absolutely love the Austin film and acting scene and was rooted pretty deeply in it a few years ago. ...more