12 Top Spots For Sexy Summer Outdoor Lovin'!

The temperatures are starting to sizzle and now that it's light out long after dinner, you've got to admit that you and your special someone are more active. With all that extra free time on your hands, it's no wonder your thoughts stray to getting sexy in the great outdoors.For many people it's a big turn on. It can be a little risky because in some locations you risk getting caught, but it's a chance you just might want to take. We've got some great ideas for sizzling summer sex locations....more

Should You Have A Summer Romance?

“Summer lovin’… had me a blast.”Ahh, yes! With the countdown to summer vacation in full effect, you can already taste poolside piña coladas and the lips of the sexy local that you’ll fall for this summer. As cliché as the “summer fling” is conceived to be, there are many of reasons why they work, and why they don't. A summer fling usually lasts longer than a one night stand, and it tends to be a little more romantic than "friends with benefits." So, should you have a "summer romance" this year?...more

10 Reasons To Be Thankful For Sex

Thanksgiving is the season to let your gratitude show.  There are so many things you should be grateful for this holiday season. Your health, your family and your job are probably right there at the top of your list. And they should be.But maybe this Thanksgiving we should remember to say thanks for the things we really love --  like sex. Even the Pilgrims would agree.  Sex is good.  Why should we give thanks for sex? We've come up with at least 10 reasons. Feel free to add a few of your own in the comments....more

How To Have A Romantic Thanksgiving

Ok, so we get it. Thanksgiving doesn't seem like the sexiest holiday of the year at first glance. But if you can't see the romantic elements of this holiday, then you may be overlooking some great opportunities for intimacy.It's not just that the tradition foods we enjoy on Thanksgiving are full of aphrodisiacs, it's more than that. There are moments for romance throughout the five-day holiday weekend that you shouldn't overlook. So take some time this Thanksgiving to spend some time with your significant other and see if you don't find romance over this holiday....more

Fun Fall Date Ideas

It's the most wonderful time of the year. The days are warm and sunny and the nights are cool and crisp. It's a great time to start something new, like a new project, a new book, or a new relationship.We've got some great ideas for you to get out and get dating with someone special. There's no reason why go out with someone new, we've got ideas for cheap dates too.  After you both have lots of fun, maybe then it'll be time to get frisky!1. Football game              ...more

Fall In Love And Leave Your Inhibitions Behind

 Nothing – not sweaters, not the smell of fireplaces, not pumpkin patches, and not apple picking – says "fall" like the blazing red, glimmering gold, and burnt-orange leaves that cover trees and crunch underfoot during the autumn months.You'll want to get out and enjoy the cooler temperatures this season can bring. It's the perfect time of year to get out into the outdoors and get a little naughty in the great outdoors.We've put together a list of a few places we think you might want to explore getting sexy with someone special during the month of October....more
Heck No! I disagree with the camping in fall! If it is below zero and there is frost! No one ...more

Fall In Lust: Aphrodisiacs Of The Harvest Season

In addition to falling leaves and the slight chill in the air, the smell of pumpkin, apples and spice is another telltale sign that autumn has arrived. But did you know that many of your favorite harvest foods are also natural aphrodisiacs? It's no wonder that this is the perfect time of year to "fall" in love.Apples...more

How To Plan a Romantic Make-Out Session

Okay, so you've rounded the sexual bases in your relationship many, many times, but that doesn't mean you should keep skipping over first in an effort to make an out-of-the-park grand slam home run every time you're at the plate.  As many couples become more serious, their make-out sessions start dwindling until suddenly they're not kissing as passionately—or as often—as they used to....more

5 Dirty Reads After You've Finished '50 Shades of Grey'

You finished reading all three books in the 50 Shades Of Grey trilogy over one weekend and now as a long holiday weekend approaches, you're wondering what you should download to your Kindle....more

Are You Ready For "Back To School" Sex?

It's the "Back-to-School" season, and for many parents it's the most wonderful time of the year. They're looking forward to taking a break from shuttling the kids to activities over the summer and being able to have more time to be alone together. It's a great time for busy couples to reconnect and rekindle their sex lives. The start of a new school year is also a great time to start dating if you're single. You've never too old to sign up for a new class and meet new people. You never know, you just might meet someone who really sparks your passion.Get naughty!...more