Please Stop: It's Not Okay to Interfere When I Discipline My Child

Now, like many like-minded parents, we have invested ridiculous amounts of time, money, energy and tears in hopes that our sweet, mischievous little girl could learn to retrofit herself into our strange and dangerous world. This world has many social expectations that make little sense to her -- like not hugging strangers; not stealing food from others' plates; not wandering hotel hallways alone; not shoplifting; and so on. While she likes to do all of these things, and as much as I respect her individuality and her independence, I simply won't allow them. Even when you tell me, "It's okay."...more
I think it is so important to let parents be parents and not intervene unless it is seriously ...more

We Are Here: An Online Community Mobilizes To Help Its Own

A few months ago, I started writing my story in the form of this blog. I didn't know then and still do not know where it will lead me, but along the way I discovered a fulfilling, new community of friends. We live across America and across the globe, and we speak to each other daily in 140 characters or less....more

Mom, I Think I've Been Shot

Lots of kids have some anxiety over homework or winning the big game, but sometimes the anxiety beast grows out of control. Anxiety lives with my son - and our family - every moment of the day. I already know how to keep my child safe in cars, on bikes and from strangers. Unfortunately, I can't seem to protect him from his worst enemy: himself....more